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    JCI Accreditation
    China's A-Class Hospital
    A Well-known Hospital in Guangdong that Integrates Traditional Chinese Medicines and Western medicines
    Baby Friendly Hospital
    A Model Hospital
    A well-known Traditional Chinese Medicine Center for Oncology
    The Designated Hospital for the 16th Asian Game
    A Hospital Honest with Its Pricing
    A Designated Hospital for Overseas Patients
    A TCM Research Center for Breast Diseases Prevention
    National TCM Clinical Education Base for Cancer
    A Scientific Research and Education Center for Clinical Medical Qigong
    The Most Trustworthy Hospital in China for Hong Kong People
    One of the Ten Most Trustworthy Brand hospitals in Guangdong Province
    A Credit Rating in Tax Paying
    A Nationally Well-known Model Hospital for Its Trustworthiness
    One of the Top-ten Well-known Hospitals in China
    Clifford L. K. Pang: One of the Ten Figures That Have Made Great Contributions to Hospital Management in China
    Clifford L. K. Pang: Contribution Award for Traditional Chinese Medicine
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