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       How Much Will It Cost?

    The cost could vary from patient to patient depending on his/her disease condition and treatment prospect. Overseas cancer patients usually come to our hospital for three reasons: the cost for treatment is much less than in other countries; there is an alternative treatment option which would lead to a better outcome with far little side effects, and patient can receive treatment while staying in a five-star hotel alike environment with caring and loving medical staff around them.

    Please be informed that billing information listed below is intended as a guideline based on past history and is not a guarantee of future costs. Actual costs will depend on individual patient’s case, the cost of medicine and supplies at the time of service. We will provide you with a better estimate after our specialists have evaluated you. Costs are charged in Chinese yuan (RMB).

    For patients with complicated medical conditions, please contact our customer service email: customer@clifford-hospital.org.cn to get an estimated cost that you might need to pay. Please click here to get a brief idea on the cost of individual treatment procedure.

      Health Checkup Packages
    President Package
    Diamond Package
    Platinum Package
    VIP Package
    A Package
    B Package
    C Package
    Gynecologic Package One
    Gynecologic Package Two
    Alternative Treatments:
    Local Hyperthermia Whole Body Hyperthermia ● Cryoablation Therapy
    ● Chelation Therapy ● Medical Ozone Therapy ● Nutritional Therapy
    ● Stell Cell Therapy ● Acupuncture ● Cutaneous Scraping Therapy
    ● Bee-Sting Therapy ● Fire and Chinese Alcohol Massage Therapy ● Hydro-Acupuncture Therapy
    ● Infrared Ray+Herbal Paste Therapy ● Rehabilittive Training ● Buddhism “One-finger” Massage
    ● Magnetic Therapy ● Medical Qigong ● Electrotherapy
    ● Herbal Cuisine ● Bio-Targeted Therapy ● Moxibustion with Moxa Roll
    ● Herbal Fumigation ● TCM Fire Cupping ● Wax Therapy
    ● Music Therapy ● Wooden Tub Herbal Bath ● Cold Moxibustion
    ● Yoga    
       How to Pay Your Bill?
      Pay by Cash in Person

    You may pay the bill by cash in Chinese yuan (RMB) when you are in our hospital. If you only bring foreign currency with you, our staff will assist you in converting it into Chinese Yuan.

      Pay by Credit Card
      Clifford Hospital accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, and Unionpay.

    Pay through Bank Transfer or Remittance

    Please note that remittance payment must be made in Chinese yuan (RMB)  
    Account name: Clifford Hospital of Guangdong Province, China. 
    Bank name: Panyu Branch, Guangzhou city,  
    Bank of China Account number: 666557746212   
    Please indicate the remittance is for the payment of hospital bill and for whom
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