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    According to the data from WHO’s website, Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue rising, with an estimated 13.1 million deaths in 2030. Lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer cause the most cancer deaths each year. About 30% of cancer deaths are due to the five leading behavioral and dietary risks: high body mass index, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco or alcohol consumption. The statistics also shows that around 70% of all cancer deaths in 2008 occurred in low- and middle-income countries.

    Surgery is the oldest form of cancer treatment. Approximately 60% of cancer patients will undergo surgery, and some may receive additional therapies.

    Clifford Hospital’s medical teams include many famous professors, experts and technical personnel. They have engaged themselves in hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, mastopathy and various other surgeries for decades, they have gained extensive experience in curative surgery, preventive surgery, reconstructive surgery, diagnostic surgery(biopsy), fine needle aspiration (FNA), supportive surgery, staging surgery and palliative surgery. They have successfully performed many difficult and complicated surgeries, of which many were turned down by other hospitals.

    Using advanced equipment such as spiral water knife, laparoscope, choledochoscope, etc, Clifford Hospital’s surgeon specialists have expertise in treating primary hepatoma, pancreatic tumor, cholangiocarcinoma, carcinoma of gallbladder, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, gastrocolonic cancer, intensive acute pancreatitis and angiocholitis, hyperplasia of mammary glands and thyroid disease with laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and appendectomy.

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