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      An Overview
      What Is Joint Case Consultation?

    For cancer and other complicated diseases, we implement joint case consultation in which a number of specialists of multi-disciplinary fields review and discuss the condition and treatment options for a patient. Each specialist contributes his or her own medical knowledge, technical and technological expertise, and the recommendations for treatment are based on the consensus opinions of these specialists. By bridging the knowledge, technical and skill gap between professionals from diverse backgrounds, we are able to make the best treatment options for our patients.

    Why Multi-Disciplinary Care Is needed for Cancer Case?

    The statistics has shown that 50% of all men and over 30% of all women in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes, with 49% of them dying from complications resulting from cancer. They passed away of malnutrition and serious infections due to a severely low immune system. And as they manage to go through many years beyond their cancer diagnosis, other conditions became the primary cause of mortality. What’s more, the diagnosis and management of cancer is a complex process, requiring the expertise of many highly trained individuals.Therefore, tumor treatment alone is never sufficient, and multi-disciplinary care is imperatively needed.

    Cancer treatment has become one of the most inter-disciplinary research fields covering biology, biophysics, biochemistry, genetics, environmental sociology, psychology, virology, and so forth.

    Multi-disciplinary care is for the benefit of our patients. Our doctors communicate with other expert colleagues in different disciplines to share information, using specific knowledge on their specialized area of medicine to formulate an individual treatment plan for each patient.

    What Is the Advantage of Multi-Disciplinary Care?

    It has been well proved that multidisciplinary care can lead to the best practice in terms of treatment planning and care for cancer patients. Multidisciplinary care has the following advantages:

    ● Improved treatment
    ● Improved team communication and support
    ● Improved coordination of patient care
    ● Reduced miscommunication between the doctor and the patient
    ● Better consideration of patients’ physical and emotional needs.

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