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    E.N.T. Department is one of the specialty departments of Clifford Hospital, providing prevention, treatment and nursing. It is divided into four disciplines: ear, nose, throat and allergy. It is staffed with experienced and skillful experts and specialists. With advanced technology, E.N.T. Department provides complete diagnosis and treatment for various common and critical diseases.  

    Scope of Diagnosis and Treatment

    1. Integrating Traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapies to diagnose, treat and care for most common otorhinolaryngological diseases, such as acute and chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, acute and chronic rhinitis, nasosinusitis, allergic rhinitis, otitis media and laryngitis, etc.
    2. Advanced diagnostic and treatment methods are used for ear, nose and laryngopharynx diseases, such as nasal polyp, nasopharynx cancer and larynx cancer.
    3. Integration of Western and Traditional Chinese medicines to diagnose and treat diseases of ear, nose and throat, such as inflammation of respiratory tract, deafness and tinnitus, etc.
    4. Otorhinolaryngology diagnosis and treatment for head and neck trauma, foreign bodies and congenital diseases.
    5. Emergency treatment of otolaryngological diseases, such as epitasis, pharynx
      and esophageal foreign body and acute obstruction of larynx.  

    Specialist Equipment

    1. Nasal sinus endoscope: It consists of Stryker endoscopes and electric cutter system. These endoscopes are tools for relatively accurate diagnosis and treatment to general otorhinolaryngological diseases, such as nasosinusitis, nasal polyp, deviation of nasal septum, allergic rhinitis, nasal bleeding and nasopharynx cancer.

    2. Fibro laryngoscope:
    An Olympus optical fiber laryngoscope system from Japan used for specific larynx examinations. Doctors can use this equipment with its surgical clamp to solve problems like polyp of vocal cord and vocal nodule, and other vocal cord diseases.

    3. Ear-endoscope:
    It has been widely used in examination, treatment and surgery of otological diseases.

    4. Ear Function Test Room: It has the newest type of audiometer from Denmark, middle ear analysis machine and otoacoustic emission machine, multiple frequent steady state of brain stem evoked potential and hearing information treatment equipment.

    5. Allergy laboratory: It makes use of advanced methods to detect allergens and for desensitization treatments.

    6. Germany Zeiss Microscope: Can help doctors perform many kinds of ear microsurgery with a clear version.

    7. American Anta Low Temperature Plasma Surgical System
    compared to traditional microwave laser with high temperature of 150℃, the principle of American Anta Low Temperature Plasma Surgical System is ablating tissue with lower temperatures (40℃-70℃), which will greatly reduce damage to tissues and ease patient's pain. Furthermore, this technology can automatically identify pathological changes of tissues by its intelligent search unit and thus prevent other man-made injuries. American Anta Low Temperature Plasma Surgery helps to improved the safety, controllability, efficacy and function to a new level. It is characterized by short treatment time, less bleeding, minimum pain, less tissue damage and fast recovery.


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