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    Scope of Diagnosis and Treatment


    1. Perinatal medical care and treatment;
    2. Standardized prenatal health examination, maternal-fetal monitoring and treatment;
    3. Diagnosis and treatment of complications and syndromes during pregnancy;
    4. Standardized management, monitoring, and treatment of high-risk pregnancy;
    5. Mothercraft school health care education for early-, mid-, and late-pregnancy and post-delivery women;
    6. Different methods of delivery, including 'painless' Cesarean Section and post surgery pain management by use of PCA Pump.



    1. Female reproductive system: Diagnosis/treatment of common diseases and high-incidence diseases;
    2. Early diagnosis and comprehensive green therapies for gynecological tumors, including standard surgical procedures, TCM-Western medicine integration, hyperthermia therapy, detoxification and medical ozone therapy;
    3. Professional treatment of gynecological endocrine diseases, such as menstrual disorder, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), etc;
    4. Conventional applications of gynecological endoscopic techniques: Such as colposcopy and cervical cancer screening, pre-cancerous lesions; hysteroscopy and B-ultrasound for diagnosis and treatment of unexplained uterine bleeding and intrauterine lesions. Laparoscope for checking acute abdomen and tumor;
    5. Using hysteroscopy and laparoscopy to treat infertility, and other minimally invasive gynecological surgical techniques such as vaginal surgery, interventional radiology treatment and LEEP knife treatment;
    6. Integration of TCM and Western Medicine for treatment of miscellaneous gynecological diseases, such as dysmenorrheal, endometriosis and infertility;
    7. Family planning, birth control techniques and services.

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