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    Periphery Vascular Surgery is headed by Dr. He Ligang who is a committee member of Periphery Vascular Disease Specialty of the China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, and is one of China's Outstanding Clinical Professionals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has undertaken clinical and teaching research of Herbal and Western Treatment for Periphery Vascular Surgery for over 20 years. In addition, he has completed six monographs of his rich clinical experience and has two scientific research papers.

    Scope of Diagnoses and Treatments

    Periphery Vascular Diseases including artery, vein or lymph diseases may spread all over the body. Any situation of pain, swelling, numbness, coolness or recurrent abscess is related to Periphery Vascular Diseases.
    Director He Ligang lecturing on                   Director He Ligang lecturing on
    Integration of Chinese Herbal and                   Foot Protection for
    Western Medicine to cure thromboangilitis   Diabetes Patient on Health Road
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    The following diseases are included:

    1.   Diabetic limb disease
    Diabetes that cause vascular pathological changes can easily lead to abnormal feeling, such as numbness. What is more, it may lead to serious consequences of fester and gangrene, especially when you suffer from feet tinea (Commonly called Hong Kong foot).

    2.   Arteriosclerosis and Limb Ischemia
    Arteriosclerosis is a systemic disease, can occur in heart or brain vessels, and also in limb arteries. A lot of medical cases show that: 75% of serious heart disease patients are accompanied by chronic lower limb ischemia; among the people over 60 years old, 20% of chronic lower limb ischemia are caused by peripheral arterial blockage. Earlier manifestations of such disease are fatigue after walking, numbness, coolness or pain, and necrotic ulcers can occur in the late stage.

    3.   Gout
    Gout is a disease that usually suddenly attack by means of painful joint, local swelling and fever in the night. If no proper treatment is done, it will recur from time to time, until it develops to chronic gouty arthritis. The patient will loose joint function or loose sporting ability. Gout is always accompanied by hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart and brain diseases, and diabetes, so it is also known as the "King of Disease".   

    4.    Deep Vein Thrombosis   
     This kind of disease usually takes place in the lower limbs; mainly as unilateral limb swelling, with pain or motion difficulty. It can fully recover if treated in time, if not, there will be squeala: long term limb swelling, blackened skin, and difficult to heal ulcers. The symptoms of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) are; Aches, acerbity, and cramps at night, sometimes swelling of the ankle. If this disease is not treated, it can cause pulmonary artery embolism, causing the patient to die abruptly.

    5.    Lower extremity varicose veins  
    Its signs is easily seen in the early stage, the skin will be blackened, limb swelling, itch, even ulcers, forming"old rotten leg" which cannot be healed.

    6.  Others:
    Arterial embolism of extremity, main artery inflammation, aneurysm, vascular inflammations, vascular abnormality and lymph edema etc.

    Specialty Equipment:

                 1. Non Invasive Inspection Analysis System of Peripheral Vessels

                 2. Vascular Color Ultrasonic Doppler

                 3. CT and MRI Scan with Vascular Reconstruction

                 4. DSA

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