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    Introduction to VIP Center Environment

    Picture 2: Lounge with coffee, milk and tea for free

    Picture 3: Comfortable suites

    Picture 4: Leisure area

    Picture 5: VIP consultation area

    The VIP Center is one of the most important and special departments of Clifford Hospital. Physicians are senior experts and professors, guided by a well experienced experts group. It includes famous experts and professors from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Hyperthermia, Chelation, Medical Ozone, Dietetics and Psychology departments. The experts group holds joint consultation with VIP guests every week, they are responsible for the best medical plan for every VIP guest, providing our VIP guests with scientific model of multidisciplinary diagnosis and Integrative Medicine treatment. The implementation of various treatment programs are carefully carried out by highly trained medical staff to ensure the quality of treatment. The VIP Center provides our special guests with treatment for various diseases, superior physical checkup service, superior health care and sub-health rejuvenation service.

    The VIP Center is luxurious and comfortable, furnished to five-star hotel standards, well equipped and fully supplied with daily necessities. Our outpatient area is quiet, separated from the inpatient area. There are rooms for quiet conversations, games rooms, and professional medical equipment and instruments are available for patient treatment. The VIP Center has priority usage for medical resources, such as CT, MRI etc. The In-patient area have single bed rooms, double bed rooms and two room suites, all able to meet a variety of needs. Each room has refrigerator, LCD TV, safe cabinet for valuables, internet connection, central oxygen system, en-suite bathroom, 24 hours of hot and cold water supply etc.

    The VIP Center has a Customer Service Department to provide our guests with assistance in meals, business, transportation, touring, shopping, ticketing, visa, laundry, translation, hotel reservation and medical insurance/claims.

    Every member of VIP Center staff firmly follows the Hospital motto of 'Treating Patients with a Caring Heart and Respect for Life', serving every guest with utmost care, ensuring they receive the very best attention and medical treatment.

    Service Scope
    Medical Service:   

    1. Treatments for various diseases;
    2. Superior physical checkup and rehabilitation service;
    3. Sub-health rejuvenation service;
    4. Medical guidance and consultation.

    Customer Service:   
    Meals, Business, Transportation, Touring, Shopping, Ticketing, Visa, Laundry, Translation, Hotel reservation and Medical insurance/claim assistance services.

    For English Enquiry: (8620)-8471 8123 (Working Hours: 8:30a.m. to 6:30p.m., Monday to Sunday, China Time)
    Email Address: customer@clifford-hospital.org.cn


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