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    Swiss Automated Field of                             Synoptophore Made in England               
    Vision Measurement      

    Photography of Retina Fluorescence          Cranny Light Photography of Anterior
    Photography of Eye Ground                           of Eyes (Made in Japan )
    (Made in Japan)               

    General Examination Equipment                 None Contact Eye Pressure 
    of Ophthalmology (Made in Germany)       (Made in Japan)                

     Operation Microscope                                       Computerized Machine  
    (Made in Germany)                                             for Eyesight Improvement   

    As one of the specialized departments in Clifford Hospital, the Ophthalmology Department combines medical care, teaching, research, and prevention of blindness; it is staffed with experts and physicians with professional skills and rich clinical experience. We have introduced a series of advanced international examination and treatment equipment. With combined therapy of integrative Chinese and Western medicine and Alternative Medicine, we provide complete treatment for various common disease, and acute and complicated disease, including oculopathy accompanied by general disease and compound ocular injury, and we render oculopathy prevention and eye care to healthy and sub-healthy people. 

    Scope of Diagnosis and Treatment:

    1. Eyelid, tear duct and eye socket diseases: Stye, inflammation of the tear duct and tumor of eye socket etc.
    2. Diseases of conjunctiva, cornea and sclera: Such as acute and chronic inflammation, pterygium and cornea leukoma.
    3. Glaucoma and cataract: Including different types of glaucoma and cataract.
    4. Diseases of vascular membrane, retina and vitreous body.
    5. Eyesight problems: Refractive problems, cockeye and lazy eye.
    6. Eye injury and occupational eye diseases.
    7. Surgical beautification for the eye.


    Special Equipment

    1. The general examination equipment (manufactured in Germany) of the Ophthalmology Department includes: cranny light, cornea curvature measuring equipment and optometry machine. The Department provides routine eye examination, measurement of cornea curvature, optometry and measurement of eye pressure.
    2. Computerized optometry (manufactured in Japan): For initial examination of curvature and measurement of cornea curvature.
    3. None contact eye pressure measurement machine (manufactured in Japan): It is quick and painless.
    4. Ophthalmology ultrasound A/B (manufactured in China): For diagnosis of vitreous body, retina and eye socket diseases; for measurement of eye axis.
    5. Automated field of vision measurement (manufactured in Switzerland): For central-wide vision and 90 degrees field of vision examination. It is also used for diseases of optic nerves and skull nerves, which is very important for diagnosis and prognosis of glaucoma.
    6. Synoptophore (manufactured in the U.K.): For measurement of extra ocular muscles and cock eye, treatment of lazy eye and cock eye.
    7. Digital photography of eye ground, fluorescence photography of eye ground, cranny light photography of the anterior of eyes (manufactured in Japan): For diagnosis and prognosis of retinal and eye anterior diseases.
    8. Lacrimal duct laser therapy (manufactured in China): For treatment of Lacrimal duct diseases; the treatment is painless and there is no need for surgical operation.
    9. Iontophoresis machine (manufactured in China): For inflammation of eye anterior and vitreous opacity, bleeding of retina and eyesight fatigue.
    10. Machine for lazy eye and eyesight improvement (manufactured in China): For prevention and treatment of short sightedness and lazy eye. It is an effective and painless therapy.
    11. Ultrasonic nebulization machine (manufactured in China): For treatment of conjunctivitis and trachoma.
    12. Operation microscope (manufactured in Germany): For various microsurgery operations. 


    For English Enquiry: (8620)-8471 8123 (Working Hours: 8:30a.m. to 6:30p.m., Monday to Sunday, China Time)
    Email Address: customer@clifford-hospital.org.cn

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