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    Clifford Hospital Hyperthermia Center is the largest hyperthermia center in the world, equipped with advanced German Heckel-HT2000M Infrared Whole Body Hyperthermia machine, Hungary OncoTherm EHY-2000 Local RF Hyperthermia machine and NRL-002 Radiofrequency Field Thermo-Therapeutic machine. It is also equipped with advanced centralized patient monitoring system and good medical treatment facilities. Training program and academic seminars by domestic and foreign hyperthermia specialists are held regularly. And this Center, which has excellent domestic hyperthermia professionals, applies the integration of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapies for both whole body (general) and local hyperthermia. World (National) renowned hyperthermia professors offer consultations regularly.

    What is Hyperthermia?
    Hyperthermia is a method of combining modern medical high-technology and ICU technology with the assistance of various heat sources to heat body tissues to treat cancers and other diseases. Hyperthermia has a long history. Due to its new development avenues with modern high-technology, it creates a new system of modern hyperthermia medicine, which has reliable therapeutic effects and minimal side effects. So hyperthermia is also named 'Green Therapy'. Hyperthermia has the following functions: Speeding up the metabolism rate; removal of endotoxin; improve microcirculation; facilitate the recovery of normal physiological activities and activate the body's immune system. It has the function of anti-inflammation, antibacterial effect and enhancement of other therapeutic effects. The treatment is mainly used in the following fields: Cancer treatment, gynecological diseases, rheumatism, detoxification and beauty-building, etc. It is safe and effective.

    The Mechanism of Cancer Treatment
    The mechanism of cancer treatment is as follows:

    1. Killing Cancer Cells 
    Hyperthermia can change the fluidity of biomembrane, leading to destruction of cell membrane that may result in the death of cancer cells.

    2. Inhibiting the Metastasis Trend of Tumor 
    Hyperthermia can inhibit the synthesis and repair of cell DNA, RNA and protein to stop cancer cells' reproduction, and inhibit the gene expression and  synthesis of tumor matrix metalloproteinase to inhibit the metastasis trend of tumor.

    3. Enhancing the Curative Effect of Chemotherapy
    Hyperthermia can change the permeability of cell membrane to increase the concentration of anticancer drugs in cytoplasm, which are sensitive to  chemotherapy.

    4. Improving the Curative Effect of Radiotherapy
    Hypoxic cells and the cells in the S stage are sensitive to heat but resistant to radiation, this compensates the other. This is why heat may increase the   curative effect of radiotherapy.

    5. Inhibiting the Formation of Tumor Blood Vessels
    Experiment showed that wholebody hyperthermia can inhibit gene expression and synthesis of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) excreted by cancer cells  to prevent the formation of blood vessels in cancer, which destroys the basic condition for growth and development of cancer metastasis.

    6. Marrow Protection
    Wholebody hyperthermia can induce bone marrow to produce cytokine, stimulate and increase peripheral blood and marrow to produce various cytokine (Colony   Stimulating Factor CSF, various Interleukin, Tumor Necrosis Factor-α, etc.) which can induce the differentiation of peripheral blood and hematopoietic stem   cells in bone marrow. Clinical practices showed that wholebody hyperthermia will not increase marrow suppression by radiation or chemotherapy, but  strengthens these therapeutic effects. 

    7. Hyperthermia improves the function of Immune System
    Wholebody hyperthermia can stimulate and reinforce the function of body's immune system, wholebody hyperthermia (41.8 ℃) can activate long acting T-lymphocyte and wholebody hyperthermia (39.8±.2 ℃/6h) can increase the activity of T- and B-lymphocyte and the anti-tumor activity of natural killer cells  (NK), and can facilitate the redistribution of body's white blood cells to improve the monitoring function of body's immune system.

    Treatment Scope
    Hyperthermia is basically divided into 3 types: Wholebody hyperthermia, local hyperthermia and regional hyperthermia. Because of the different routes and different range of heating temperature, the treatment scopes are also different.

    I  Wholebody Hyperthermia

    1.  Cancer Treatment
    1.1 High-temperature wholebody hyperthermia: With extremely high technology, it is a method which can effectively cure many kinds of cancer and can greatly  improve the curative effect of other treatment methods. It may be applied to the following cancers: Lung cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, osteosarcoma, malignant melanoma, malignant lymphoma and lymph node metastasis, etc. High temperature wholebody hyperthermia has all the functions of medium - low temperature wholebody hyperthermia. 

    1.2 Medium-low temperature wholebody hyperthermia: It is an easily acceptable hyperthermia therapy by most patients, and its treatment scope is as follows:

    1.2.1 Combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it can cure various kinds of malignant tumor applicable to high-temperature wholebody hyperthermia and can improve their effect. The curative effect of this combination is more than the total of each treatment alone.

    1.2.2 It can activate body's immune system and increase body's anti-tumor immune mechanism.

    1.2.3 It has special curative effect on relieving pain of advanced cancer patients.

    2. Treatment on Benign Diseases
    With high safety, medium-low temperature wholebody hyperthermia can cure many kinds of benign diseases and has effect on health care, cosmetics and beauty-building, detoxification, and weight lost etc. Curative diseases include:

    2.1 Gynecological diseases: Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic salpingitis, endometritis, dysmenorrhea and infertility caused by chronic inflammation, etc.

    2.2 Other chronic inflammations: Chronic cholecystitis, prostatitis, rheumatic arthritis, and chronic rhinitis, etc.

    2.3 Detoxification: Eliminate all toxin absorbed by any reason in vivo and repair tissue injury caused by poisoning.

    2.4 Cosmetology and beauty-building: Because it can facilitate facial blood circulation, open facial sweat glands and micro-channels, and excrete metabolic  waste and colored particles of facial tissues, it has better effects in combination with other cosmetics treatments. It has good results on acne.

    2.5 Functional recovery treatment: It can facilitate the recovery of body's automatic function, ease muscle cramps, allay tiredness, quicken neurotransmitter transmission and improve body's response ability. It has special curative effect on muscle strain, low back pain, and bone and joint degenerative diseases.

    2.6 Losing weight: It can reduce weight because it can quicken metabolism in the body, burn body fat when the temperature rises and reduce fat storage.

    2.7 Improving body's immune system: It can improve body's disease prevention capability because it can activate body's immune mechanism.

    II  Localised Hyperthermia

    1.  Malignant Tumor Treatment 
    1.1 Superficial tumor: Basal cell carcinoma, cervical lymph node metastasis carcinoma, supraclavicular lymph nodes metastasis carcinoma, melanoma and breast  cancer.

    1.2 Many kinds of advanced tumors that relapsed after chemotherapy, radiotherapy or  surgery.

    1.3 Remaining tumor that cannot be removed by surgical procedures

    1.4 Intractable pain of advanced cancer.

    2. Many kinds of benign diseases
    Treatment of chronic inflammation: Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic salpingitis, endometritis, urinary system chronic inflammation, chronic cholecystitis, chronic prostatitis and rheumatic arthritis, etc.

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