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    The Anesthesiology Department is a first grade clinic department designed in accordance with the international and modernized hospital standards. It is equipped with 12 operating theaters with unidirectional HEPA filtered clean air of class 1,000 or more. In the recent 5 years, the Department has passed the JCI accreditation survey twice. There are ten anesthetists in the Department including six specialists with master's degree and four deputy directors/vice-chief physicians. To ensure patients' safety and effectively prevent mistakes during operation, we have the most stringent and rigorous pre-anesthetic evaluation and error correction procedures in China.

    Scope of Services

    1. Clinical anesthesia: Anesthesia Operating Center operates 24 hours a day for Neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Orthopedic, Burns, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Maxillofacial Surgery, E.N.T., Ophthalmology, Intervention Therapy, Oncology Hyperthermia Therapy. etc. It provides patients with a comfortable, safe, painless surgery and anesthesia services.
    2. Analgesic therapy of post operation: We design a tailor-made analgesia program for post-operative patients so as to ease the patient's wound pain and reduce physical exertion and proteolysis of the body to hasten the recovery process.
    3. Painless moderate sedation therapy: We provide daily (24 hours every day) painless service to outpatient endoscope examination and treatment to relieve patients' fear of endoscope examination and make them feel relax and comfortable. In addition, we provide painless service to abortion clinic.
    4. Deep venous catheter: Subclavian venipuncture or internal jugular vein catheter service is provided 24 hours a day to solve the problems of shallow peripheral intravenous infusion.
    5. Rescue & Recovery: 24 hours a day to provide first aid to the clinical departments rescue services, in particular provide technical support for the difficult endotracheal intubations procedures to ensure that respiratory tracts are open.
    6. Excellent conditions for operation: We provide proper medical safety protection to prevent bacterial invasion; your vital life signs are watched every minute by the anesthetist. In addition, you can enjoy beautiful music during the operation.
    7. Analgesia for delivery: Anesthesiology Department can provide service for those who need analgesia. During the process of giving birth to a baby, the pain of childbirth is as strong as that of limb fracture. It can greatly consume physical strength and energy, and lead to acidosis and what's worse, it may cause delivery failure which is unfavorable for both mother and baby.

    For English Enquiry: (8620)-8471 8123 (Working Hours: 8:30a.m. to 6:30p.m., Monday to Sunday, China Time)
    Email Address: customer@clifford-hospital.org.cn



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