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    Medical Case 1: Volvulus of stomach treatment

    Shi XX suffered from stomachache for 2 days and the barium meal gastroscope check-up showed volvulus of stomach. On May 1st 2005, by gastroscope our doctor turned corpus ventriculi back and solved this problem.

    Medical Case 2: Stuck chicken bone problem

     After the chicken bone was taken out, the patient sobered up and then said: "It's very good! It's painless and very convenient. I feel comfortable while I drink and it doesn't need surgery!" The story is like this:

     On March 27, 2006, a schoolmaster had dinner at home. There was a chicken bone stuck in his esophagus with strong pain in his chest and thus he couldn't even drink water. Many doctors tried to cure the patient by laryngoscope, gastroscope and exelcymosis which had cost a lot of money and time, but the result was in vain. At last the doctor said that the only method was to undergo thoracotomy. The patient was frightened by these words.

    On April 1, 2006, the patient's daughter, who worked in Clifford Hospital, heard from others that Dr. Zhuang Xiaoqiang, a Chief Physician in Digestive Department, was skillful. She brought her father, whose problem began 5 days before, to Clifford Hospital. Dr. Zhuang checked his problem quickly and the patient agreed to accept gastroscope treatment. Through his throat to the esophagus, the doctor found foreign matter in the upside of esophagus. There were so many vessels in esophagus that it was highly risky and difficult to get the foreign object out which had been stuck for a long time and it left a deep canker in the gullet.

     Dr. Zhang chose crocodile pliers after positioning the endoscope and his assistant carefully cut into 1/3 at the bottom of the bone with the pliers. Then he patiently adjusted the angle. Fortunately, when the esophagus contracted, he could move one side of the horizontal chicken bone. With the chicken bone turned oblique, the assistant held his breath and took the pliers with the chicken bone out. Finally chicken bone of 4 cm was taken out. The daughter was happy and everyone were relieved.

    This kind of medical technique is very difficult and Doctor Zhang's skill convinces people. 


    Medical Case 3: Esophagus stenosis and bracket implantation surgery

    On June 22, 2005, Liao came to our hospital for solving eating problems caused by surgery of terminal esophageal cancer. With a gastroscope, we inserted a dilator. And when the esophagus opened from 4mm to 15cm, we implanted a bracket. The operation went well and the patient recovered. This case is the first case in our local area and the technique has reached advanced level.


    Before Dilation of Gullet

    After Dilation of Gullet

    Bracket Implantation for Dilation of Gullet

    Medical Case 4: Varices of esophagus ligation treatment

    On July 12, 2007, Gong XX, came to Clifford Hospital, suffering from chronic cirrhosis, portal hypertension and bleeding caused by varices of esophagus. The health status of the patient prevented operation. Therefore, our doctor adopted varices of esophagus ligation treatment of advanced level with aid of endoscope. The patient was satisfied with the result.

    Medical Case 5: Capsule endoscope check up

    Miss Wu was 51 years old. After colon cancer surgery, she suffered from bloody stools for half a year. Electrogastroscope showed nothing abnormal, while ulcer and blood callus of small intestine was found by capsule endoscope.

    Comments:  The advantage of capsule endoscopy is safe, painless and convenient. Patient doesn't need anesthesia and hospitalization. And the advanced capsule endoscope can check the diseases where gastroscope cannot go. It brings convenience to people’s daily work and life.


    Severe Varicosity of Gullet Varicosity and Ligation of Gullet
    Multiple Hemorrhagic Ulcer of Small Intestine


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