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    Medical Case 1  Insulin pump intensification therapy-No more dread in taking medicine

    Ms. Li, 60 years old, has 10 years diabetes history. She once took medicine like Xiaoke Wan Diamicron, and Metformin. In the past year, her blood glucose level was unsteady, and her symptoms include numbness of lower limbs and blurred vision etc. She received insulin pump intensification therapy in our Hospital for two weeks, combined with herbal treatment. Now she feels much better and her blood glucose level is within the normal limits. She doesn’t need to be injected with insulin, but only take a small dosage of oral hypoglycemic drugs and maintain a program of diet and exercise to control her blood sugar level.

    Medical Case 2 Intractable rheumatoid cured by comprehensive treatment

    Ms. Liang, female, 51 years old, came to our Hospital in 2005, because she has joints pain and swelling for more than two years, and joint deformation for about half a year. She complained that she started to have multiple joints swelling, pain, and morning stiffness in fingers of both hands. The affection gradually spread to elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles, sometimes even associated with intermittent fever. Due to the loss of her grasping ability, she couldn’t take care of herself. She went to many hospitals and tried many treatments, but she didn’t get better. Physical checkups in our Hospital showed: Body temperature: 37.2℃, no abnormality was found in her heart, lungs and abdomen. Some of her fingers were crooked, with swelling and obvious tenderness. The mobility of her left elbow was limited. Her knees swelled up with tenderness also. Examination findings: ESR: 85mm/h,RF756u/ml. X ray examination: Images showed both the wrists and multiple articular surfaces of fingers were blurred. Osteoporosis was shown close to the hinge area. She was diagnosed with stage III rheumatoid arthritis. We used RA combined with CND, medical ozone therapy, chelation therapy and herbal therapy etc, which worked effectively, and the joints swelling went down, and the pain was greatly reduced. Three months later, her joints function and shape recovered. According to the follow up visit records, her condition was maintained.    



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