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    Medical Case 1:  Male, 45 years old, minute liver cancer, hepatitis B for more than ten years, vague pain on the right upper quadrant, AFP ascending.
    1:  No obvious focus by CT scan. 

    2, 3: There is an abundant blood supply segment of 3 millimeters at the decocted later segment of the liver's right lobe during arterial phase, and low density during portal venous phase. 

    4: Tumor stain and lipiodol chemoembolization seen by DSA and no tumor stain by the second hepatic angiography.

    Medical Case 2:  Male, 39 years old, focal nodular hyperplasia. There is an abundant blood supply segment at the liver's left lobe, no hepatitis B history and no AFP ascending.
    1, 2 CT: there is an abundant blood supply segment of about 2 millimeters at the lateral segment in the liver's left lobe, and low density during portal venous phase.
     3, 4MRI: Small lesions in left part of liver, T2WI+fat suppression signal increased significantly when enhanced.
    5 DSA: No local tumor stain
    6 CT: No iodipin deposition of pathological changes in area after one month of iodipin CT.

    Medical Case 3:  Female, 61 years old, tuberculosis in the upper right lung and hemoptysis.
    1, 2, 3, 4 DSA: Visualization displays the upper right intercostal artery, the right bronchial artery and its branch are too circuitous with thickening, and some are neoplastic ectasis with wide B-P split streams. Contrast agent leaked out of the blood vessel.

    Medical Case 4:  Male, 42 years old, hemoptysis and shock.
    13 5
    1, 3, 5: The blood supply of the bottom left lung with the participation of thorax artery and the left fifth, sixth and seventh intercostal artery; the left thorax artery formed irregular vascular network. The Contrast agent leaked out of the blood vessel (hemorrhage).
    2,4, 6:  After embolization of each bleeding artery, hemorrhage stopped.

    Medical Case 5: Male, 62 years old, upper gastrointestinal bleeding and shock.
    1 DSA: At the arterial branch of stomach and duodenum, visualization displayed tangled blood vessel image which is considered as arteriole and capillary rupture hemorrhage.
    2 : Chose arterial branch of stomach and duodenum blood vessel which were inserted with two pieces of spring rings.
    3 : The second visualization display showed that tangled blood vessel has disappeared and bleeding has stopped.

    Medical Case  6:  Female, 31 years old, postpartum hemorrhage and shock.
    1, 3:
    Visualization displayed obvious contrast agent leakage (hemorrhage) out of uterus.

    2, 4:
    The second visualization displayed hemorrhage has stopped after conducting interventional embolization. The patient was discharged after rehabilitation on the fifth day.

    Medical Case 7: Male, 66 years old, long-term chest and abdominal pain, no abnormality by routine imaging test. In February 2005, the enhanced abdominal CT test discovered dissecting aneurysm between descending aorta and left external iliac artery.
    1 2
    1, 2: After specific diagnosis, we placed a stent in the aorta and sutured the ruptured artery. The follow-up check up confirmed patient' s medical condition is stable.


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