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    Bedsore is a common and frequent medical condition which is treated in the clinic. Elderly patients who are bed ridden will usually suffer this problem. In the clinic we have had great success in using medical ozone to treat bedsores.  

    Medical  Case 1:
    Mrs. Gong, 60 years old, suffered cerebrovascular disease for many years. Recently, her condition worsen and she was unable to move. Her family found that  she had 6 big bedsores on her lower back, and took her to other hospitals for treatment, which proved ineffective. The patient' s condition gradually  worsened, and she developed severe malnutrition.

    When the patient came to Clifford Hospital, she had 6 bedsores. The sizes ranged between 4 × 6cm to 12 × 15cm. We used ozone cupping and ozone bagging  therapies in combination with nutritional support and Green Comprehensive Therapy. After 40 days, her condition showed continuing improvement and finally fully recovered; she was subsequently discharged.

    ( before treatment):

    ( After treatment):

    Medical  Case 2:
    Miss He,70 years old, had sacrococcygeal ulcer, exacerbated for half a month with edema of lower extremity for one week. She came to Clifford Hospital on  July 4, 2007. Due to long-term bed rest, she developed sacrococcygeal ulcer 2 months before hospitalization. Initially the size was 1cm. The patient's family usedantibiotics to clean the wounds. However, the condition did not get any better. They sent her to Clifford Hospital, where she received Medical Ozone Therapy and nutrition support. Finally, the patient's condition became better and she was discharged.

    Ozone Bagging Therapy
    The following pictures show Ozone Bagging Therapy in combination with ozonated olive oil, which can improve regional blood flow and facilitate wound healing.

     Ozone Therapy in progress
    Diabetic gangrene ( before treatment)


    Diabetic gangrene ( After treatment)




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