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    Medical Case 1:
    Ms. Zhi, 20 years old, was hit by a car. She sustained a bad head injury, vomited for 1.5 hours, and was delivered to our Hospital by the Municipal 120 Emergency Service.  Emergency CT Scan: Right forehead hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, half brain herniation damage and fracture of right skull. Physical examination: Coma, abnormal breathing, pupils of unequal size, left pupil around 3 mm with response to light, right pupil around 6 mm, with no response to light, right cervix resistance, hemiplegia on left side body and positive Babinski.

    Admission diagnosis: Severe skull brain trauma, right forehead hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, fracture on right forehead, right scalp hematoma and brain herniation.

    Hospital admission treatment: Skull exploration, right forehead hematoma elimination. Both the operation and rehabilitation were successful and the patient was cured without side effect.

    Medical Case 2:
    Mr. Guo, 45 years, injured on head and had headache, was taken to Emergency Trauma Room on May 23, 2005. Emergency Trauma Room diagnosis: Craniocerebral injury and right head putamen hematoma. Patient fell down from a height of 2 meters with his head hitting the ground, frequent vomiting (sprouting), and coma for 90 minutes. CT diagnosis: Big epidural hematoma on the right temporal. Emergency operation for hematoma removal and adopted integrative medicine therapy. The patient recovered physically and mentally with no common sequelae of traumatic brain injury.


    Medical Case 3:
    Ms. Hou, 63 years, coma, vomited for 3 hours, admitted on July 31, 2004. Diagnosis: Subarachnoid hemorrhage with brain herniation, one pupil dilated, no light reaction. According to Cerebral angiography, tumor of the right artery had burst and there was bleeding, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and herniation. We carried out emergency surgery of aneurysm intervention embolism and gave integrative medicine therapies. Surgery result: Regained consciousness, stable condition, slight headache, restored to physical activities, recovered steadily and was subsequently discharged.


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