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    Medical Case 1
    XXX, male, 59 years old, was hospitalized for double zero assessment of lower extremity strength, with difficulty in urination and defecation for more than 20 days. He was diagnosed with spinal cord inflammation by MRI after admission to the Neurology Department of Clifford Hospital. He was once hospitalized in a large-scale hospital and treated only by western medicine. The condition did not improve after a long treatment time and the patient came to Clifford Hospital. Initially, he did not fully believe the stories he heard of our Hospital, but our doctors explained his condition to him and developed treatments plans, integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for him. The patient could move his left leg after one week and lift it after two weeks, both lower limbs could be lifted and raised to varying degrees after 20 days, urination and defecation could be controlled. The patient was very happy, his family believed in our Hospital, and they actively participated and co-operated in the treatment. After 38 days, the patient could get out of bed and was subsequently discharged. 

    Medical Case 2
    Accompanied with her family, Ms. Wang come to our hospital with right side acute paralysis, assessed double zero of muscle power on August 12, 2007. She was previously treated in many Guangzhou hospitals and was diagnosed with brain abscess and parasitic disease. She underwent examinations in our Hospital and her MRI examination showed many round focus on both sides of her brain, she suffered multiple sclerosis. Our experts developed treatment and nursing plans for her. After one week of meticulous treatment, she was speaking and her limb function gradually recovered. Ms. Wang could get out of bed and was discharged after one month. Now she can work and live as a normal person.  

    Medical Case 3
    Mr. Tao, 58 years old, was sent to our Hospital by family members. He was unable to speak for 6 days and was in coma for 2 days due to right side paralysis. He was diagnosed with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage in a Guangzhou hospital but went into a coma after 4 days of treatment. The result of a CT scan showed left end-lobe with 80 ml blood tumor complicating cerebral hernia. His family was informed that the patient needed a craniotomy and the cost could reach RMB 100,000, but at the same time, the risk of becoming a 'vegetable' existed. The family decided to transfer the patient to our Hospital upon a friend's recommendation. Our experts gave a consultation and carefully developed a treatment plan. We adopted minimally invasive drainage procedure to drain blood tumor, and the blood tumor was completely removed after an operation. Language function and both sides' muscle power were well recovered after 2 weeks. 3 weeks later, he was discharged and recovered normal work ability.  

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