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    Medical Case 1:   Early detection for rectum cancer
    Mr. Li, who is from Dongguan, completed his annual health check up in our Hospital. He had no medical history. When the doctor knew that his stool got thin, he suggested Mr. Li do the painless endoscope examination. The doctor found his colorectal narrow. According to the pathology examination, Mr. Li was diagnosed with rectum cancer. The early detection was good for in-time treatment.

    Medical Case 2:   Early detection for liver cancer
    Ms. Suan, 36 years old, is from Hong Kong. On October 17, she came to our Hospital and requested for physical-checkup because she was gradually losing weight. Our doctor found liver tumor on examination. According to the B Ultrasound and CT examination, she was diagnosed with malignant tumor. Combining with the clinic and image characteristics, fiber liver cancer was highly possible. Ms. Sun has no hepatic history but her dad died because of liver cirrhosis cancer. Immediately, she was hospitalized in Cancer Center. In this case, we know that those with cancer medical history should be vigilant and do the comprehensive physical-checkup in time, focusing on prevention. In short, early detection and early treatment is good for them.

    Medical Case 3:   Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

    Patient, female, 73 years old. Address: Hong Kong. On October 28, 2006, the patient came to our Hospital and requested for a physical checkup, she had a hoarse voice and difficulties in eating food. Our doctors found she had many illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes. Her nasopharyngeal attracted great attention. The Nasopharyngeal CT showed it had nasopharyngeal tumor-like pathological changes. She was diagnosed as nasopharyngeal carcinoma with EB viral antibody (+) by fiber nasopharyngeal laryngoscopy. At last, the patient found out why she was having difficulty eating.

    The elderly may suffer all kinds of tumors in addition to the normal geriatric diseases. And the southern people should do physical checkup regularly because they can easily suffer nasopharyngeal cancer, especially those who live in Sichuan, Guangdong and Hong Kong.


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