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    Medical Case 1:
    An ovarian cyst patient recovers because of the treatment of combined TCM and psychology.

    Ms. Xie, 43 years old, had irregular menstruation for two years. The quantity of menses was gradually decreasing. She felt cold, with visible cheeks skin spots, yellowish complexion, and black eye socket. One day in Sept. 2006, she went to the doctor because she had no menses for fifty days. Through a B-type ultrasonography of vagina-uterus and vaginal hysterectomy check up, a 2.8cm×2.4cm cyst on the right ovary was revealed. Recommended by friends, she went to Dr. Lu Xinhua, a doctor of Clifford Hospital.

    Undergoing Chinese herb and psychological treatment, the patient regained good appetite and normal menstruation. There was no ovarian cyst when she was checked again in Dec. 2006.

    Medical Case 2:
    A iron deficiency anemic patient recovers because of combination of TCM with psychology treatment.

    Ms. Wang, 40 years old, had suffered from iron deficiency anemia for many years. She was treated in many hospitals in Guangzhou, without a good effect. Her hematocrystallin was very low, about 70g/L (reference value: 110—180g/L). In addition, she increasingly suffered from many symptoms, such as anorexia, dipsomania, and irregular menstruation. With great efforts, she went to see Director Lu Xinhua, a doctor of Clifford Hospital.

    Dr. Lu carefully analyzed the pathology and assessed the psychology. She found that the patient was too sensitive, anxious, hostile, and paranoid when communicating with others. So, Dr. Lu applied the combination of TCM with psychology treatment. Gradually, the patient had good appetite and mood. Her menstruation began to be normal, with hematocrystallin increased to 120g/L.                                    

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