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    Medical Case1: Three endoscopes used in one surgery

    Female, 28 years old, congenital absence of right kidney, deformities with double pelvis and ureter in left open urinary tract, and had undergone three operations for uterus abnormality. After the third one, massive ascites and acute diffuse peritonitis emerged, five days later, diagnosed with celiac leak, due to injury in the left ureter.
    Doctors were organized immediately to perform the operation using laparoscope, transurethral transureteroscope, and percutaneous nephrostomy flexible ureterosope. Document review confirms that the completion of this operation was a China first, and had a satisfactory therapeutic effect.

    Medical Case 2: Transurethral resection of the prostate

    Male, 69 years old, retired senior engineer, with frequent and urgent dysuria for nearly 10 years, 6 to 7 nocturnal urination in one night, urinary flow is as thin as hair, usually discharged with great effort, all the above annoyed him very much. Later, he was even refused operation by a doctor in Guangzhou because of his serious heart disease. With uneasy feeling, he came to Clifford Hospital. Our Urology experts used the world's most advanced surgical methods, such as transurethral plasma resection of the prostate, to cut down a duck egg size prostate within an hour, but bleeding is less than 50cc. The Patient was rehabilitated and discharged five days later. Now, he always says, Clifford Hospital has freed him from 10 years of worries, he can urinate like a young man, and need not worry about the urination problems.

    Picture1: Urethremphraxis                                   Picture2: Patient after prostatic 
     before prostatic hypertrophy                               hypertrophy 


    Medical Case 3: Huge stones in left kidney, resolved by minimally invasive operation

    Male, 37 years old, with a giant staghorn shaped stone of 3x2cm size in his left kidney, the minimally invasive operation called Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) was performed for him in Clifford Hospital. It was a successful operation, as the giant stone was removed from his body. It was an operation by putting the holmium laser fiber which diameter is as small as 1mm into the stone directly through endoscope or chopstick-like hole at waist, and then smashing the stone with minimal trauma, it can effectively prevent large injury. It's the first choice for kidney stone removal nowadays.

    Picture1: The wound of Minimally                           Picture2: The wound of
    InvasivePercutaneous Nephrolithotomy               traditional operation







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