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    Medical Case 1:  VIP Center earned French peer's praise for successfully rescuing elderly PUJOL YANN
    PUJOL YANN is 78 years old; he has great interest in Chinese history and culture, and visits China in order to better understand and experience China, ignoring his family's and doctors'advise.

    PUJOL YANN suffered from a variety of diseases, and had undergone many operations such as radical prostatectomy of prostate cancer, bottom side of the urethra and partial bladder resection, and reconstruction to bilateral testicular surgery. He has been using anti-androgen drug treatment for a long time. He also suffers from hypertension, as well as serious heart and lung diseases. Because of breathing difficulties, he has to stop walking and rest after a few steps. Tired from touring China, he was unfortunate to fall sick in a foreign country.

    On the evening of June 9, PUJOL YANN suddenly had severe sustained abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. His family members knew that Clifford Hospital was the only JCI accredited hospital in China and enjoying a good reputation among foreigners, so they immediately asked friends in China to send their ill father to VIP Center of Clifford Hospital. Center Director immediately arranged Dr. Christian, who speaks French fluently, to receive the patient and ensure that the patient can communicate with his family effectively. Hospital Director Prof. Pang personally organized the expert panel to hold consultations, and made diagnosis of "acute gallstones and purulent cholecystitis"  after abdominal CT and B-ultrasound examination. Prof. Shen, vice medical director of hospital, performed timely surgery for the patient at great medical risk. During the surgery, there was an enlarged gallbladder of about 8 x 5 x 4 cm, two stones of about 0.5 x 0.6 x 0.5 cm, high tension of gallbladder, partial gangrene, and obvious surrounding tissue edema. The surgery was completed successfully under Prof. Shen' s meticulous and skillful direction.

    After surgery, the patient was sent back to VIP Center for continuing treatment. The expert panel insisted on daily consultation for him, together with Integrative Medicine methods, such as integrating Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and natural therapies to fight against his disease, ensured the patient avoided heart failure, lung infection, multiple organ failure and other dangerous complications.

    After 12 days of careful medical treatment, the patient rehabilitated gradually. Doctors from France SWISSLIFE Insurance came here to help the patient return to France on June 23. They exclaimed that the patient' s recovery was a miracle after they understood the whole process! They expressed thanks for our timely treatment and exclaimed that Clifford Hospital was a real first-class medical institution!

    Medical Case 2:   A Japanese white-collar' s fateful relationship with VIP Center
    Cangtian Fan, a handsome and courteous Japanese man, worked for years in Hong Kong. He was senior staff member in a Japanese multinational corporation. In November of 2007, he traveled to Guangzhou, but because of a sudden outbreak of disease, he formed a deep and fateful relationship with VIP Center of Clifford Hospital.

    Life-or-death emergency
    Mr. Cangtian had severe head pain, nausea and vomiting shortly after drinking a glass of beer. He was sent by his colleague to the Emergency Department of Clifford Hospital. CT examination revealed: "Subarachnoid hemorrhage, the third intraventricular hemorrhage, and swelling of the brain tissue."

    Subarachnoid hemorrhage is an acute cerebral hemorrhage disease, with a dangerous condition and high mortality rate. The patient was far from home, only a few close colleagues accompanied him. They expressed their anxious feelings to Dr. Zeng,  Vice Medical Director.

    Dr. Zeng comforted the patient and his companions, while calmly issued instructions to: reduce the intracranial pressure, administer sedative and relieve pain, stop bleeding, control blood pressure, and prevent cerebral vasospasm and infection immediately. Hospital Director Prof. Pang organized experts from Neurology, Brain Surgery, and Vascular Intervention for further consultation, and arranged for surgery of cerebral angiography and intervention immediately after consultation. Director Wang from Radiology Department personally conducted the surgical procedure. Finally, cerebral hemorrhage was blocked, the patient stabilized.

    United effort
    Despite passing the dangerous stage, secondary cerebral vasospasm and hydrocephalus are still common complications of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Once it happens, there will be symptoms of hemiplegic and coma. The expert panel worked together everyday to prevent complications.

    Dr. Waye, Director of Customer Service Department, is a medical Doctor who studied in Japan, with many years of clinical experience and fluency in Japanese. She chatted with the patient in the ward, so as to ease his loneliness, fear, and increase his confidence of overcoming disease. After 3 weeks of treatment, Mr. Cangtian recovered and returned to Japan without any side effects on Dec.18.

    Praise and accomplishments
    Mr. Cangtian carried out a detailed medical examination upon returning to Japan. On Dec.18, we received a thank you telephone call from Japan's National Hospital for Mr. Cangtian's perfect treatment results. They highly praised our service and expressed sincere gratitude.

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