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    Soreness and Acute Back Pain

    Mr. Chen, male, 38 years old. He suffered from soreness and acute back pain, and cannot bended from the waist for three days. Three days ago, he carelessly sprained his back when moving heavy objects, and cannot bend over. He also had difficulty in self care. So he went to the Clinic for consultation in July, 2006. He was diagnosed to have acute lumbar muscle sprain. After one course of treatment by abdominal acupuncture, massage, and TDP treatment, the patient recovered. The disease has not relapse for about half a year.

    Shoulder Pain

    Mr. Wu, male, 66 years old. He had suffered from shoulder pain for half a year, particularly at night time. There was no obvious reason for the shoulder pain. There was no curative effect, although he undertook  acupuncture and massage treatment. So he went to the Clinic for consultation in July, 2006. He was diagnosed to have omarthritis of shoulder. He recovered after four sessions of abdominal acupuncture, massage, and TDP treatment. The disease has not relapse for about half a year.

    Recurrent Oral Ulcers

    Mr. Yonghong Liang, male, 43 years old. The patient had suffered recurrent oral ulcer for about ten years. It was unbearable when he was eating and drinking. If the disease aggravated, he cannot clearly utter a word. The longest duration was three days in ten years. He didn't feel better after Western Medicine treatment. He went to the Clinic for consultation in Sept. 2006. In October and November, the patient had 3 follow up consultations and consumed fifty doses of Chinese medicine. After which he recovered. The disease has not relapse for more than eighty days.

    Back Soreness and Pain

    Mr. Zongsheng Wang, male, 71 years old. The patient had pulmonary lobectomy because of lung cancer. Recently, he was hyperhidrotic, short of breath, weary, and had back pains. His past history of illnesses was diabetes and hypertension. His pulse was wiry, thin, and rapid. Besides, he had red tongue, with thin and white coating. He was diagnosed to suffer spontaneous perspiration. After a five-days treatment with different doses of Mu Li San, the patient sweated less, and seven more consultations later, he recovered.

    Excessive Phlegm, Acute Shortness of Breath

    Mr. Wu, male, 57 years old. Ten days ago, the patient went to the doctor because of his acute shortness of breath and he coughed up a lot of phlegm. His past history of illnesses was chronic cough and phlegm. Once he coughed a little bloody phlegm. During recent years, he had shortness of breath. In addition, he was susceptible to cold and coughed yellowish phlegm because of repeated pulmonary infection. The disease was not cured, though he went for treatment in many Hong Kong hospitals. He finally came to Clifford TCM Clinic. The patient was examined to be spirited, not heaty, had red tongue texture, white coating, wiry and rapid pulse. Besides, veins were tough with varicose and blood stasis. Chest X-ray examination showed that texture of middle and inferior lungs were enhanced and that part was vague. Both lungs had pulmonary distension and atypical Velcro sound could be heard from middle parts of both lungs. Examined by four methods of examination, the patient was diagnosed to have lung-distension, cough with lung heat, and blood stasis. Western Medicine Diagnosis: Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, bronchiectasis, pulmonary infection, and pulmonary interstitial fibrosis (early stage). The treatment prescription is to cure cough and facilitate expectoration and to eliminate phlegm. The doctor determined the treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs (dialectical therapy). As a result, the patient was completely healed. 

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