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    Medical Case 1:
    Ms. Zhang, female, 53 years old, had hepatic metastasis 2 years after surgery for stomach cancer. She received several courses of combined chemotherapy with no improvement. She was admitted and received 3 sessions of wholebody hyperthermia treatment in combination with intraperitoneal chemo-hyperthermic perfusion, detoxification and medical ozone therapy. Her suffering was much relieved and she has a higher quality life with tumor.
    The CT Scan before treatment

    CT shows that the condition has improved after
    the first intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion

     Condition after 3 treatments

    Medical Case 2:
    Ms. Jiang, female, 43 years old, tumor mass was found in the right breast for about 2 years and ulcer for about half a year with aggravation for 3 months. By pathological biopsy, she was diagnosed as right breast cancer. There was an ulcer of 8×6 cm in external and middle lower quadrant of right breast with a crater and many necrotic tissues on the surface of ulcer, edema and stench. Because of extensive edema and cutaneous deficiency caused by cancer, it is impossible to perform resection at the first stage. Local RF-hyperthermia treatment was applied. The patient refused to be photographed before treatment, but when the lesion was diminished after 3 sessions of local hyperthermia, she agreed to be photographed. After 10 hyperthermia treatments, the result was as follows:

    Condition after 3 sessions of local hyperthermia

    After 8 combined treatments of hyperthermia, detoxification and medical ozone therapy, etc, lesion tissues around ulcer disappeared with no necrotic tissue in center of the ulcer. Secretion was reduced and ulcer had diminished (see the following picture). She successfully entered to the next stage of treatment and the patient fully recovered and was discharged after surgery. 

    Medical Case 3:
    Ms. Zeng, female, 73 years old. A fast growing tumor mass was found inside the right cheek for about half a year. The mass developed towards the oral cavity. It covered one side of the teeth with facial deformity and she had difficulty in eating. She was diagnosed as verrucous carcinoma of oral mucosa by histological examination. After local RF-hyperthermia treatment, detoxification, medical ozone therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the condition was as follows:   

    Before treatment

    Three treatments later, tumor obviously diminished with
    the latter part reduced by about 2/3. Patient felt better

    After 10 treatments, the tumor absolutely disappeared, the patient
    has received combined chemotherapy for further treatment at the same time.

    The situation when performing treatment

    Medical Case 4:
    Ms. Dai, female, 60 years old, had Stage IV gastric carcinoma with continuous alimentary tract hemorrhage, and cancer cells embolism in superior mesenteric vein and portal vein. Tumor mass was fused with pancreas. She was given up by a provincial hospital. She was then transferred to our Hospital. On admission, her body weight was 42kg with hemoglobin: 67g/L, and in depletion. After 7 sessions of intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion under moderate and deep sedation, and combined with chemotherapy and high dose Vitamin C therapy, medical ozone therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc, CT examination showed that the tumor including intravascular cancer cells blockage had disappeared, the weight gained to 55 kg and hemoglobin was up to 110 g/L. The patient's quality of life was greatly improved. Now, the patient has survived more than one year, with high quality of life and under further observation.

    Medical Case 5:
    Mr. Liao, had hemorrhage and gross hematuria started from April 2005 with great pain, long and thin urination, without frequent and urgent urination. He was diagnosed in Kowloon H.K on July 6th, 2005 as of prostate cancer. Cystoscopy showed severe hematuria, PSA was up to 180 units. The CT scan showed multiple osseous metastases. He was recommended to receive resection of prostate and testis, but refused. After coming to our Hospital to receive endocrine treatment combined with hyperthermia (local and wholebody), detoxification, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. his hematuria was reduced, and even disappeared. PSA decreased to normal level and the osseous metastasis foci were diminished. After discharge, he was followed up to receive several PSA and pelvic MRI, which showed normal. Now, the patient leads a normal life and is still under observation .

    Medical Case 6:

    Male, 68 years old, was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer with brain metastasis through MRI and biopsy through bronchofibroscopy. Then he received 2 courses of chemotherapy with little alleviation of pulmonary symptoms but his semiparalysis symptoms were aggravated. MRI showed multiple intracranial lesions and large area of brain tissues was occupied by the tumor. Then local RF-hyperthermia treatment was conducted, the semiparalysis symptom of the patient was obviously alleviated and imaging examination shows that most parts of intracranial tumor had disappeared. Now, the patient leads a high quality of life with tumor .

    Intracranial conditions when performing classical second wholebody chemotherapy

    After the third course of wholebody chemotherapy combined with local RF hyperthermia, imaging examinations showed intracranial condition has improved.


    Medical Cases of Benign Diseases

    1. Mr. Huang, male, 81 years old, had benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) for nearly 20 years with difficulty in urination and chronic nephrosis. A bladder fistula was inserted. The symptom of prostatic hypertrophy was obviously improved after 15 local RF-hyperthermia treatments, CT showed that the diameter of prostate cancer diminished by 2 cm, urination returned to normal. The fistula was removed. The patient leads a normal life.
    2. Mr. Feng, male, 87 years old, had benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) for about 30 years with urination dysfunction. No improvement after medication for several years. He could not receive operation due to heart diseases, diabetes and other systemic diseases. Urination only can be made by installation of a catheter. Normal urination after one course of local Radiofrequency hyperthermia treatment. The catheter was removed.
    3. The statistics of 22 patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) treated with local hyperthermia. They were treated between 10 and 20 times (average 13 times). The size of prostate diminished between 1 and 2.5cm (average 1.5cm). The symptom was obviously improved in 20 patients (20/22). The quantity of residue urine was reduced in 19 patients.
    4. 32 patients with primary dysmenorrheal were treated by infrared wholebody mild temperature hyperthermia with average treatments ranging from 3 to 6 times. Everyone has got a good effect.
    5. Ms. Gao, 31 years old, had chronic salpingitis and pelvic inflammation for many years. No pregnancy within 5-years even though she had received many kinds of fertility treatments. After undergoing abdomen hyperthermia therapy, she achieved pregnancy after 3 months and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
    6. Mr. Cheng, male, 53 years old, Hong Kong resident, had pulmonary fibrosis for about 5 years. He was predicted by a Hong Kong hospital with only 5 years of life left. When he came to our Hospital, it was his fifth year. After about 70 sessions of wholebody mild-high infrared hyperthermia in 2 years, his pulmonary function obviously improved. He could swim only 50 meters before, but now 1,000 meters, bicycle riding was only half an hour before, but now 3 hours. He had bad sleep before due to irritable cough, but now sleeping well. Now, patient is in good condition and leads a normal life and work.
    7. Ms. Li, female, 45 years old, had chronic cholecystitis for about 10 years, no good medication treatment effect and had lots of side effect. No resolution of subcostal pain because she refused surgery. After one course of local hyperthermia no recurrence of pain within one year.
    8. Mr. Zeng, male, 38 years old, had allergy asthma for about 10 years, outbreaks every winter and spring. After 12 sessions of wholebody high temperature hyperthermia (38–40.5℃/2-4 hrs), no recurrence for one year, weight gain and obvious improvement of general condition. 
    9. Ms. Liang, female, 36 years old, had hypothyroidism for many years; she had oral administration of thyroxin 75 mg a day, one wholebody low-temperature hyperthermia session a week for 10 weeks. After one wholebody low-temperature hyperthermia, 25 mg thyroxin can meet patient' s daily requirement and the symptom caused by hypothyroidism disappeared or obviously improved. 
    10. 16 female acne patients, ages from 18 to 25, after 3 sessions of wholebody mild - high temperature hyperthermia for every patient, 13 patients'acne disappeared, the other 3 patients'symptom obviously improved. 
    11. Mr. Yamamoto, male, 52 years old, Japanese businessman, had bruise and sprain in lumbar and back soft tissues caused by a traffic accident, bad sleep caused by pain. He gained obvious improvement from pain and slept well after one treatment of lumbar and back local RF-hyperthermia treatment. He was cured and discharged after 9 treatments.



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