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    Medical Case 1 :  
    Male, 69 years old, diagnosed with "colon cancer". He underwent surgery and chemotherapy in July 2005. Medical Report in June 2006 by Zhongshan Medical Cancer Hospital revealed that the tumor-associated antigen CEA, CA199 had increased. Another chemotherapy was suggested by doctors at the hospital. The patient came to our Hospital on July 21, 2006. Blood tests show CEA 9.69ng/mL, CA199 48.01U/ml.
    Unwilling to accept chemotherapy, he came to the Chelation Center for consultation and agreed to undergo Chelation Therapy. On November 5, 2006, he started Chelation Therapy. We prescribed "Chelation Therapy Plan 2"in which he received 10 infusion treatments on consecutive days. On November 29, 2006, the tests revealed tumor-associated antigen blood CEA, CA199 lower than before treatment, CEA 6.37ng/mL, and CA199 37.89U/ml. Presently the patient is still alive and receiving Chinese Medicine treatment in our Hospital.

    Medical  Case 2 :
    Female, 54 years old, excessive heavy metals were found in her body. She suffered from pharyngodynia, fatigue, stomach discomfort and frequently catching a cold once a month. On May 10, 2006, physical checkup revealed CA199 50.06U/ml and blood lead 86 ug/L. On June 11, 2006, she started "Chelation Therapy Plan 1" in which 2 infusions a week for a total of 20 infusions. On October 8, 2006, reexamination showed tumor marker (CA199 40.6 U/ml) was lower and blood lead value was normal. After treatment, her symptoms improved. She revealed that she caught a cold only once in the past six months, her spirit is good and has better sleep than before. At present the patient still insist on a chelation infusion every two weeks for health maintenance.

    Medical  Case 3 :
    Female, 53 years old, had received treatment for 2 years for "gout and hyperlipidemia". She has been taking Lipitor and other hypolipidemic drugs. Blood test results on November 4, 2006 showed : cholesterol 7.33 mmol/L, triglyceride 2.39 mmol/L, LDL 5.42mmol/L, uric acid 460 umol/L, and ApoB 1.74 ug/L. After receiving detoxification therapy for a total of 10 infusions, two infusions a week, with proper supplements, reexamination of blood biochemistry on December 9, 2006 showed cholesterol 4.11 mmol/L, triglyceride 2.33 mmol/L, LDL 2.63 mmol/L, uric acid 227 umol/L, ApoB 0.95ug/L, respectively.

    The patient's blood test result indicates that after treatment, serum cholesterol, LDL, uric acid, ApoB have returned to normal levels and blood triglyceride has significantly declined. At present the patient still insists on detoxification "Chelation Therapy Plan 5"  once every two weeks for health maintenance.

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