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    Medical Case 1: Condylomata acuminata
    Mr. He, male, was infected with condyloma acuminata a year ago. Although he has been treated with laser, freezing and antiviral drugs, none of which were effective treatments. His condition recurred from time to time. Finally, he came to our Hospital upon introduction by friends. After a detailed examination, the diagnosis: Condyloma acuminata with scrotum eczema. Our expert panel set up a therapeutic plan that used internal and topical drugs, and medical ozone therapy as a comprehensive treatment scheme. After a course of treatment, condyloma fell off, skin was no longer itchy. Then one more course of treatment for reinforcement, his condition has not recurred since.

    Medical Case 2: Seborrheic alopecia
    Mr. Yang, male, 40. Three years ago, Mr. Yang found that his hair on both sides of forehead have been slowly dropping, and eventually bare. He searched for many treatments, but none effective. Mr. Yang came to our Hospital last year; the examination revealed that serum testosterone was normal, while calcium and iron were low.

    Diagnosis: Seborrheic alopecia (Male pattern baldness)

    Key points of the treatment: Suppress the activity of 5 α-reductase, but convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Treatment principles: 1. Integrative treatment of Traditional Chinese, Western and Alternative medicines, like acupuncture, soft light therapy and Plum Needle acupuncture. 2. Oral medication together with topical medicine to improve blood circulation and adjust the sebaceous gland secretion. Mr. Yang implemented this prescription for half a year, then his hair grew thick and black again. He was very satisfied with the treatment effect.

    Medical Case 3: Chloasma
    Ms. Su, female, 36. Chief complaint: Brown spots on cheeks for 8 years, without conscious symptoms. On examinations, her sex hormone and thyroid hormones were normal. Diagnosis: Chloasma. Dermatology experts of our Hospital gave her a careful dialectical therapy, and characteristic intravenous treatment of "Detoxification III" twice a week. Three months later, the brown spots faded, skin returned to be fine and white, and it has not recurred since.

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