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    Dr. Tam Likui : Attending Physician

    Master of TCM combined with Western Medicine and a digestive major of Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University. Dr. Tan is proficient at endoscope check-up and routine treatments. She is skilled in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine therapies in treating digestive system diseases, such as virus hepatitis, severe hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic gastritis, functional dyspepsia, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.

    Polypectomy Surgery Monitored by Electronic Colonoscopy

    Acuclosure Surgery Monitored by Electronic Gastroscope

    Dilation of Esophagus Monitored by Electronic Gastroscope


    Ligation Haemostasis of Hemorrhagic Esophageal Varices Monitored by Electronic Gastroscope


    Extraction of Foreign-body in Esophagus Monitored by Gastroscope


    Characteristic of Treatments

    Endoscope Center

    1. Taking the lead to invest in capsule endoscope in China
    2. Developed painless electronic gastrointestinal endoscope in Guangdong province at an early time.
    3. Having developed hardening and ligation of hemorrhagic esophageal varices, esophagus stenosis dilation and bracket insertion surgery.
    4. Application of retrograde cholangiography, duodenal papillotomy; removal of calculus in common bile duct, and bracket insertion in bile duct for carcinoma of head of pancreas.
    5. Able to perform percutaneous gastrostomy under endoscope.
    6. Adopting demucosation under endoscope, gastrointestinal polyposis removed by high frequency electric current.
    7. Excel in performing injection, electrocoagulation hemostasis surgery, and foreign matter extraction under endoscope.
    8. Developed superfine electronic gastroscope, dye endoscope, emergency endoscope treatment and electronic colonoscopy, each operated by one person.

    Facilities Introduction

    1. The latest model capsule endoscopes (healthy, safe, painless, no trauma, wide angle view, convenient);
    2. Superfine electronic gastroscope (no anesthetic, painless and no trauma), OLYMPUS-260 electronic gastroscope, FUJINON 450 electronic series gastroscope, duodenoscope;
    3. Highly frequency electrotome and full-set of supporting equipment for treatment under endoscope;
    4. America automatic sterilization machine for endoscope disinfection;
    5. Hi-tech HD hepatopathy treatment instruments, effective for chronic liver disease especially to fatty liver.

    Gastrointestinal Department

    There are chief committee members of state-level gastrointestinal organizations in our Department. They are proficient in many gastroscope check-ups and treatments, and have taken the lead for developing painless gastroscope and capsule endoscope skills in Guangdong province. In consultations held with specialists of integrated medicine, we adopt therapies of Traditional Chinese and Western medicines, acupuncture and moxibustion, naturopathy, usus internus, coloclysis, and external paste application to cure gastrointestinal diseases. Compared to pure Chinese or Western medicine, the integrated therapy is more effective, not easy to relapse and has less toxic side effects. And it is proved that integrative therapy of Traditional Chinese and Western medicines along with endoscope intervention is excellent for curing severe chronic pancreatitis.



    It is staffed by experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine state level mentors, contemporary well-known Chinese doctors and committee members of Traditional Chinese institutes on hepatopathy diseases. For the field of virulent hepatitis biochemistry, virology and serum immune response, the therapy of integrated medicine assisted by external topical application of Chinese medicine is proved to be effective, less recurrence, with little toxic side effect.
    As for the problem of adiposis hepatica, our hi-tech High Definition hepatopathy treatment instrument can eliminate more than 80 % of liver fat in 20 days.


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