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    1. Emergency Center offers patients with quick and effective first aid service in the critical moment with its most updated JCI emergency theory, modern and standardized, regulated emergency rescue procedures.
    2. Doctors and nurses strengthen and increase their abilities and experiences with different kinds of disaster practices every year which are highly praised by 120 Emergency Center (Official Emergency Center).
    3. Emergency Center has four ambulances equipped with ZOLL monitoring machine, defibrillation machine, pacemaker machine, respirator machine and vacuum extractor as well as other routine rescue equipment.
    4. All rescue equipment are on standby status, and are maintained by trained and assigned people based on JCI Equipment Management Standard to ensure its readiness for use at any moment.
    5. Doctors and nurses are trained and examined for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, tracheal intubation and other emergency medical treatment techniques every month to ensure perfect techniques. Placement of external pacemaker, internal pacemaker, pacemaker pad fixing and emergency thrombolysis at first moment in rescue are done with cooperation of specialists.


    1. Ambulances: Equipped with hoisting trolley, staircase chair, auto-folding stretcher, spine fixing board, head fixing machine, electric suction pump, ECG monitor, pacemaker machine, emergency medicine case, and respirator equipment.
    2. Trauma Room: Has Class 300,000 HEPA filtered clean air trauma room, equipped with multi-functional patient monitor system, multi-functional breathing machine, defibrillation machine, pacing machine, auto gastric lavage, ECG machines, atomization pump, injection pump, infusion pump, electric suction pump, cannula laryngeal endoscope, cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine, portable ECG monitor, etc.
    3. Emergency Operation Room: Has Class 100,000 HEPA filtered clean air operating room, equipped with multi-functional hydraulic operating table, defibrillation machine, pacemaker machine.
    4. Emergency Observation area with negative air pressure rooms: Eighteen beds with oxygen, medical air and suction in bedhead trunking.
    5. Specially designated elevators from Emergency Center to Operating Theater, ICU and in-patient section, and a pneumatic tube transfer system.


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