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    1.   "Double C Mode" intensification therapy for type II diabetics-avoid lifelong medication.     
    At present, the international method to treat diabetes is to protect and rescue the damaged B Cells and help them recover. Firstly, monitor blood sugar level for 72 hours, and get data from 1,400 determined points. After analysis, inject the required insulin into patient's body in accordance with the normal physiological insulin secretion by insulin pump. At the same time, we will use herbal medicine and alternative treatments to improve the microcirculation. By doing this, the blood sugar level can be controlled effectively, and at the same time, the remaining B cell can be protected and greatly repaired, and reduce the occurrence of complications and slow down its development speed. The new study and our practice prove that even if the B cells of type II diabetics have been damaged by 50%, part of them can be repaired by systemic checks and two weeks of intensification therapy. Some of the patients who receive this treatment could even stop medication for several years and improving their quality of life.

    2.   Comprehensive Green Therapy-avoid amputation
    "Diabetic foot" is a serious complication of diabetes. We combine the most advanced techniques like blood circulation improvement, vascular intervention, bypass, etc. and the alternative treatments like herbal medicine and medical ozone therapy, which are effective and safe. With our Comprehensive Green Therapy, diabetic patients can recover well, and amputation is avoided.

    3.  Radioiodine therapy-a highly effective treatment for hyperthyroidism 

    Our Hospital uses integrated Western and Traditional Chinese medicine to treat thyroid diseases, and is the only Hospital in the region to use Iodine 131 treatment. Compared with medical and surgical treatments, Iodine 131 is safer, more effective, convenient, and economical.

    4.  Comprehensive treatment for rheumatic-immune diseases and intractable gout
    We offer treatments for rheumatism, rheumatoid, systemic lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, Adult Onset Still's Disease, polymyositis, scleroderma, mixed connective tissue disease, xerotic syndrome, and gout. Combined with conventional treatments, our unique treatments which include chelation therapy, medical ozone therapy, alternative therapy and herbal therapy have fewer side effects, and can thus protect organs and joints from harm by medication. These new and unique treatments are so safe that they are welcomed by patients.


    Advanced Equipments

    1. Mini Medtronic Insulin Pump, Novopen, Insulin, Insulin Analog, Blood Glucose Meters and Dynamic Blood Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS).
    2. Treatment system of Iodine 131 therapy.
    3. Consummate laboratory tests in immunology, molecular biology, and many other subjects.
    4. Advanced equipments (domestic and overseas) like CT, ECT, MRI, bone density, EMG, 24-hour Holter ECG/BP/HR/CR monitoring. 


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