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    Characteristic of Diagnosis and Treatment

    1. All the treatment are featured by adopting a comprehensive treatment plan that integrates Traditional Chinese, Western and Alternative medicines. Besides dialectical prescription of Chinese medication, we also apply treatments like nasal spray, larynx spray, ear acupuncture, meridian point injection therapy, meridian point medication paste therapy, acupuncture, local ion therapy, tinnitus therapy, throat and voice correction, and physical therapy. The featured treatment of combining Traditional Chinese and Alternative medicines proves to be beneficial to surgical patients by obviously minimizing the rehabilitation period, reducing the recurrence chance and improving the quality of life.
    2. All of the operations are performed by professional and authorized doctors. A designated specialist will be responsible for your treatment during outpatient & inpatient, preoperative & postoperative period.
    3. Outpatient service for vertigo: By non-invasive otolith restoration operation, we can cure patients with vertigo caused by otolith, especially benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. 
    4. Outpatient service for allergic rhinitis: Scientific and effective, an individualized integrated therapy of raditional Chinese and Western medicines will be established for you.
    5. Nasal Sinuses Endoscopy Operation is characterized by its preciseness, minimal invasiveness and safety, and can thus be used to treat diseases thoroughly and safely.
    6. Fiberoptic Laryngoscope is widely used to remove foreign body; it has advantages of rapidness and slight pain to patient.
    7. Our Department is staffed by a team of professional specialists with more than 25 years of otomicrosurgery experience. In addition, Germany Zeiss Microscope and Otoscope have made minimally invasive operations easy. As a new technology, Otoscope is easy to operate, minimal injury and multi-angle etc. Many common treatments and examinations can be undertaken, such as tympanic tube insertion for otitis media effusion, chronic otitis media, nasal and nasopharynx examinations.
    8. Ear Function Test Center can provide accurate diagnosis to patients with otopathy. New-born babies and children can have hearing tests here.
    9. Distinctive otorhinolaryngological health education: A series of otorhinolaryngological medical knowledge such as diet, rejuvenation and meridian point massage are prepared for you.
    10. Taking advantage of sophisticated equipment to treat diseases, such as MRI, spiral CT, ECT, Colour Ultrasound, EEG, EMG, Sleep Monitor Test etc, the diagnosis and treatment have reached the highest provincial as well as national level.
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