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    1.  Liver, biliary and pancreas surgery

    1.1 The effect of integrated treatment for liver cancer is very good. We normally implant a portal chemotherapy pump during the surgical procedure after removing any lesions. This integrates with medical ozone, chelation, hyperthermia, Chinese medicine and other "Green Therapy" to effectively prevent the recurrence and spread of liver cancer. As for unresectable liver cancer, this integrated treatment, together with alternative medicine can be used, which can significantly relieve pain and prolong life.

    1.2 The rate of bleeding and biliary fistula in the surgical procedure using a spiral water knife for hepatectomy, total hepatic blood loss for liver resection, liver and central liver cancer have been greatly reduced, they are up to an advanced level in China.

    1.3. Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine in the treatment of severe acute cholangitis and severe acute pancreatitis can reduce fatality rate from 40% to 5%, and greatly reduce the possibilities of accident and emergency surgery. Moreover, the mortality rate of severe acute pancreatitis patients has reduced from 20% to lower than 10%. Five cases of acute  pancreatitis (fatality rate as high as 40%-100%) survived. The clinic effect has already reached up to an advanced level in China.

    1.4 We have good effect of using integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicines in the treatment of exterior and interior liver bile duct stones, especially for hepatolithiasis. In addition, it is effective in removing hepatolithiasis, lobes of liver and hepatic segments resection by 'narrow taking out' method. Also, we can integrate intestinal anastomosis and bile duct angioplasty with choledochoscope to remove stones.

    1.5 We have good curative effect in adopting splenectomy, portal vein and azygos vein flow cutting and all kinds of portacaval shunt in the treatment of cirrhosis, portal hypertension and upper gastrointestinal bleeding,

    1.6 Radical surgical procedures and combined therapy on pancreatic cancer, hilar cholangiocarcinoma, and gallbladder cancer. By applying the integration of radical correction and portal pump chemotherapy, with Chinese medicine, a sixty years old patient with Stage IV gallbladder cancer has recovered and has lived for three years. This is considered to be a miracle.

    2.  National Prevention Center of Breast Disease:

    Integrated Chinese and Western medicines in the treatment of cystic breast disease are effective. Radical improvement of breast cancer with "Green Therapy" is effective as well.

    3.  Minimally Invasive Surgery:

    There are many surgical procedures, including laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic appendectomy, laparoscopic hernia repair, laparoscopic liver hemangioma, laparoscopic liver cyst drainage, straight laparoscopic colon, laparoscopic gastric perforation repair, laparoscopic release of obstruction and laparoscopic exploration of tumor etc.

    4.  Gastrointestinal Surgery:

    It is effective to combine "Green Therapy" with procedures like stomach surgery, colon cancer surgery, and radical surgery for rectal cancer, total gastrectomy resection, and low anal-rectal cancer operation.

    5. Thyroid Surgery:

    To cure hyperthyroidism, thyroid tumor resection and subtotal surgery can be used. Besides, there are procedures for unilateral or bilateral thyroid cancer, and entire thyroid resection with radical neck dissection.

    6.  Integrated therapy for curing acute abdomen disease:

    Surgical procedures for severe acute cholangitis, severe acute pancreatitis, acute appendicitis, appendix abscess, and acute intestinal obstruction and stomach ulcer perforation etc. These procedures are at advanced level in China.

    Special Surgical Equipment


    1. The Department has a Germany made spiral water knife, which is the second such equipment in Guangzhou. It can cut liver, kidney, spleen, and other organisms, without damaging blood vessels, bile ducts, or nerves. This greatly reduces the occurrence of hemorrhage and bile leakage, increases the safety of liver resection, and accelerates the speed of surgical procedures. In addition, it can cut any part of a liver tumor. Moreover, the equipment is applicable in orthopedics surgery and cerebral surgery to reduce nerve damage.
    2. Sophisticated and imported surgical laparoscopic equipment, such as ultrasonic scalpel, fibro-choledoscope, mobile C arm X-ray machine, 100W holmium laser lithotripter, multi-polar needle radio-frequency ablation machine, gastroduodenoscope, rigid and flexible scopes for colono-rectoscopy, and Bard biopsy gun.


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