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    1. Considerate Obstetrics Services
    Our experienced senior physicians provide patients with peri-natal monitoring. The mothercraft school teachers teach fetal nourishing and baby nursing. The standard wards and VIP wards in the inpatient unit caters to the needs of a variety of patients. The clean air flow delivery rooms are equipped with a centralized fetal heart monitoring system that provides full-range monitoring for pre and post delivery patients and their new-born babies. The family-like VIP delivery rooms are equipped with advanced instruments and equipment, including the latest obstetric delivery beds and infant resuscitation and monitoring carts; we provide a one-to-one fully accompanied service during labor and painless delivery, providing patients a safe and happy experience of childbirth. We have special physicians to take overall care of neo-natal babies, and special recipe meals prescribed by our nutritionists for pre and postpartum patients. We also provide post-delivery massage for rehabilitation, neonatal caressing/swimming and other distinctive services for mother and baby.

    2. Minimally Invasive Techniques
    Hysteroscope surgical procedures are effective, with little trauma and fast recovery. Uterus excision assisted with abdominoscope, laparoscopic removal of uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst excision, endometriosis elimination, electrocautery of polycystic ovary, and ectopic pregnancy procedures using an abdominoscope, are all undertaken to the highest national standards.

    3. Painless Techniques
    Widely used in the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, this technology is a bliss to our patients, for it offers painless abortion, painless delivery, and post-operation pain relief, etc.

    4. A Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Treatment Plan
    The Department integrates Traditional Chinese and Western Medicines with Alternative therapies for the treatment of a variety of gynecological and obstetrical diseases. Preservation of embryo methods by combining Traditional Chinese Medicine, enema, tropical medicine, intravenous injections, medical ozone and hyperthermia treatment, have beneficial therapeutic effect for treating multi-channel gynecological inflammation, dysfunctional bleeding of uterine, dysmenorrhea, menopause syndrome, premenstrual tension syndrome and endometriosis syndrome.

    5. Obstetrics VIP Delivery Rooms and VIP Wards
    Home-like decoration with warm and elegance; independent suites, and single rooms with complete and updated facilities that take the patients' every need into consideration. The comfortable living conditions of the inpatient wards make the patient feel at home and along with high quality, skillful and considerate nursing services, the patient will not only enjoy the quiet and cozy environment, but the whole hospitalization stay will be a pleasant experience.

    Services include:

    1. The medical services provided by our experienced, highly-qualified and senior professional medical staff will be of the highest quality during the patients stay.  
    2. For treatment and examination, the nurses will make the arrangements with doctors and accompany the patient all of the time.
    3. Patients have priority status for various examinations or treatment, with our VIP services program. 
    4. Free meals (prepared as per individual patient's request).
    5. A basket of fruits at hospital check-in as a gift, with after-meal fruits within.
    6. Complimentary post-delivery congratulation soup for 3 days, to help a post partum mother recover.
    7. Complimentary 20-min. massage each day.
    8. 24-hr. maternity matron service, to look after your baby at night, to ensure you have sufficient sleep.
    9. Free translation service.
    10. Free Broadband Internet surfing service connection.
    11. Post-partum foot-massage and hair-washing, for you to expel 'wind' and 'dampness', to quicken blood circulation by removing stasis, thus promoting your recovery.
    12. One-to-one midwife service, luxurious delivery room, obstetric delivery bed service, family member accompanying allowed, father-cut-umbilical-cord service available.
    13. Nutrition advice daily by our nutritionists.
    14. Unique neonatal swimming service.
    15.  Ward visit by famous TCM expert twice per week, consultation is free.

    6. Center for Postpartum Care

    Located in Dynamic Garden, Clifford Postpartum Care Centre is especially for post partum mothers and neonatal babies that have their delivery at Clifford Hospital. Adopting hotel management and service style, there are professional staff in the Center. In addition, we offer well-designed scientific plan for post-partum rehabilitation, meals and a variety of suites to suite post delivery mothers. Specially designed "mother + baby" rooms are warm and considerate which will make mothers recover their health and beauty in a short time and babies can enjoy scientific nursing care. Easy and enjoyable confinement month and good health in future! 

    Specialist Equipment 

    1. Imported electronic monitors including fetal heart system, and fetal heart rate Doppler monitors.
    2. Monitoring of fetal heart system with American GE machines: Monitoring the fetal heart condition in uterine through the course of pregnancy in order to discover any abnormal phenomena of fetal heart.
    3. Taiwan motorized delivery beds, USA multi-purpose delivery beds, and micro-computer controlled far infrared neonatal resuscitation machines. All these allow the mother and child to enjoy a more comfortable and safe service.
    4. American GE ECG monitor: Allows the patient to be monitored constantly and for resuscitation and rescue to be timely and effective, if ever needed.
    5. German WOLF abdominal-endoscope and hysteroscope: For minimally invasive surgery in gynecology. "Big surgery, small incision", and resultant quick recovery.
    6. Electronic vaginal endoscope, microwave therapy machine, LEEP.
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