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    1. Intervention treatment of acute myocardial infarction (AMI)
    There is a 'Green Through Channel' for AMI. AMI patients can get consultation and treatment at the earliest time. The patients can quickly consult doctors, get referral, and be diagnosed and registered. Intravenous thrombolysis and rapid catheter can be administered within a few minutes. These treatments combine with treatment techniques can improve the survival rate of AMI patients and decrease the risk of suffering from other diseases and enhance the quality of life of patients. "Time is life" is the best explanation.

    2. Integrative treatment of severe trauma
    Critical trauma patients in the ICU get multiple disciplines integrative treatment modalities. ICU patients can get consultation at any time. The patients' needs are the priority. The fact that experts of different fields take part in the consultation and treatment can resolve complicated diseases easily and effectively. That not only improves the successful rescue rate, but also decreases length of stay in the Hospital, and reduces treatment expense.

    3. Treatment of severe arrhythmia
    There are a lot of methods to treat arrhythmia of any type. Rapid arrhythmia medication, treatment of esophageal pacing, rehabilitation, and physical therapy are included. Besides, there are chronic arrhythmia medication, external pacing treatment, temporary or permanent internal pacing treatment. In addition, there is complex arrhythmia electrophysiological inspection. The clinical application of multiple methods, specialty, and exquisite technology can control or cure stubborn, high risk and complicated arrhythmia.

    4. Treatment of poisoning
    Advanced equipment can bring hope to all kinds of poisoning patients. The advanced technology such as CRRT, hemodialysis, artificial liver, artificial kidney, plasma exchange, chelation and detoxification, and medical ozone treatment can eliminate all kinds of toxin. Besides, there are advanced PB840 advanced life support ventilators, trauma blood pressure monitoring machine, intra-aortic balloon pulsation (IABP), and various multi-parameters patient monitoring machines. So the rate of successful treatment for poisoning, shock, drowning, sudden death and asphyxia are greatly increased in the ICU. We are as advanced as that of domestic level. And we are able to save lives of patients with acute and severe diseases.

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