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    Integrative therapy of Western Medicine and TCM for patient with chronic renal failure (CRF). We use Western Medicine to control renal hypertension, renal anemia and improve renal osteodystrophy, correct acid-base metabolism and electrolyte imbalance, and improve factors that may aggravate the injury of renal function. Meanwhile, we also apply herbs, coloclysis, lavipeditum and other kinds of natural therapies according to differentiation of symptoms, in order to reduce blood urea nitrogen and creatinine levels, prevent the progress of the disease, protect the remaining kidney function, improve patients' condition and quality of life, delay the need for dialysis and kidney transplantation and prolong patients' lives. The satisfactory results of these integrative therapies have won a good reputation among patients.

    Integrative therapy of Western Medicine and TCM for CRF (chronic renal failure): 1.Western Medicine  2.Internal TCM therapy 3.External topical TCM therapy, such as coloclysis, lavipeditum and plaster  4.Acupuncture and massage 5.Medical Ozone Therapy (EBOO and autohemotherapy) 6.Natural therapies, offering individualized therapeutic plan such as magnetic therapy, wax therapy, water therapy etc, based upon patient's condition.  7.Detoxification (EDTA + megadose vitamin C therapy), which can clear free radicals, prevent blood platelets from clotting and the generation of thrombosis, treat arteriosclerosis, improve metabolism, and reduce blood lipid  8.Hyperthermia  9.Nutrition support through the whole treatment  10.Psychological treatment and Qi Gong. 

    2.1 Chronic nephritis: Mainly treated with herbs, combined with Western Medicine for relief, diuresis and immune regulation, to treat hematuresis and leukuresis, to eventually prevent the progress of the disease by prevention of further damage, promotion of recovery and protect kidney damage.

    2.2 Nephrotic syndrome: We apply classical quadruple chemotherapy, using different integrative therapies in different periods and stages of disease. We also take individual differences into account and have concocted a series of TCM prescriptions which are effective in eliminating leukuresis and edema, protecting renal function, reducing the side-effects of hormone, preventing hormone dependency and reducing the rate of recurrence.

    2.3 Diabetic nephropathy: We use Western Medicine to control the blood glucose level, lower cholesterol level and blood pressure, and then decide the integrative therapy according to individual differences, combining TCM's method of symptoms differentiation for patients whose diabetic nephropathy have developed into intermediate or advanced stages and accompanied by malignant edema. We apply herbal soaking method to treat limb numbness caused by diabetic peripheral neuritis, diabetic foot caused by hypercoagulabale state and pruritus caused by uremia. The therapy can also sometimes eliminate edema. For vascular lesion of diabetes, we also apply TCM prescriptions, which can promote blood circulation and activate meridians, to improve the circulation and support Western Medicine, relieve symptoms and prolong patients' lives.

    2.4 For secondary kidney disease like lupus nephritis, purpuric nephritis and gouty nephropathy, we apply active therapy to control the primary disease, then integrated with Chinese herbs to reinforce the effect of treatment, prevent complication, reduce the side-effects of drugs, avoid the aggravation of renal injury, and improve the quality of life as well promote the recovery of disease.

    3. Integrated therapy for stones in urinary system. For patients with stones in urinary system, especially ureteral stones, we adopt integrative therapy of TCM and Western Medicine. Take for example, relieving spasm and pain, diuresis and expelling stone, we use therapies of TCM, acupuncture and moxibustion,etc. In this way, we can ease clinic symptom of the patient, promote expulsion of stones, remove stagnant ureter water efficiently and protect the kidney function. Most of the patients can completely expel stones in two or three days. The efficiency rate of this treatment, which is proved to be good, is as high as 100%. 

    4. Integrating TCM with Western Medicine to treat intractable urinary tract infection. According to the patient's state of health, we take advantage of TCM therapies and improve the clinic effect of treatments for intractable urinary tract infection. As for drug resistant bacteria and easily recurring diseases, we apply effective germicide and mycosozin along with TCM and EBOO to treat all kinds of urinary tract infection. At the same time, we design personal treatment plan for patients to improve their immunity so as to decrease the rate of recurrence.

    Medical Case: Patient, female, 31 years old, with 1-year symptoms of frequent urination, urgency of micturition and odynuria. She was hospitalized in Clifford Hospital on November 24, 2006. The patient was once diagnosed as urinary tract infection in other hospitals. The symptoms were eased but recur easily. Although it was treated many times in many hospitals, the result turned out to be unfavorable. On recommendations of her friend, she came to our Hospital.

    On admission, we carried out an urine culture sensitivity to antibiotics test. In order to diminish inflammation and resist infection, we apply sensitive antibiotics as well as characteristic treatments such as TCM and EBOO. At the same time, we formulate individualized plan to improve the patient's immunity, consolidate the effect and prevent recurrence. Reviews:
    December 1, 2006 Routine Urine: Trace occult blood; red blood cells 2.5/ul, IL 2.5/nl.
    December 7, 2006 Routine Urine & Blood: Normal; Urine culture: No bacteria.
    The patient's symptoms were obviously eased and the inflammation was effectively controlled. Now the patient has no symptoms of frequent urination, urgency of micturition and odynuria. And she continued to consolidate the effect with follow up consultations. Till now it has not recurred.

    5. We should attach importance to prevent kidney diseases and sub-health status. Specialists with post doctorate degree and well-known doctors of TCM will prescribe traditional secret recipes for patient according to patient's physique and condition. The therapy of Gaofang, which is good for kidney and the recovery of sub-healthy kidney, has great effects on various chronic diseases and especially those lacking qi and blood, weak state of health, dysphoria and insomnia, lassitude in loin and legs, tinnitus and memory loss as well as sexual disorder. Appropriately taking TCM -- Gaofang can regulate and improve physical function and immunity so as to treat and prevent diseases. Therefore, it is widely used to treat chronic diseases and sub-healthy people.

    We should pay attention to the therapies for patients of dialysis and kidney transplantation. Normally in post transplantation, we adopt Chinese medicines and Chinese patent drugs to regulate the immune level, reduce side effects and prevent complications. At the same time, we emphasize long-term follow up visits and set up a complete operational routine. This is established in every patient's file and we appoint a dedicated doctor to manage the patient, with regular check ups on the patient's routine blood, biochemical function, and anti-drug resistance consistency etc. Meanwhile, we adjust the medicine therapy, dosage and usage according to the check up results and the state of the patient, and give them appropriate education on their disease and how to maintain their health.

    We actively develop various means of diagnosis and treatment such as kidney puncture biopsy, which is a good tool for complicated Kidney diseases. According to the results we formulate appropriate integrative medicine therapies for the patient.

    Introduction of Facilities

    The surroundings of the Hemodialysis Center is spacious and exquisite, which covers a total area of 618.8 square meters, and the Center's air is HEPA filtered clean air. The water treatment system is imported from DWA, Germany; it can offer high quality water to hemodialysis patients, which can prevent dialysis complications. In addition, the Center has 11 Hemodialysis machines, hemodiafiltration machine and CRRT machine as well as high-flux Polysulfone dialyzers to guarantee the patients' comfort, ensuring sufficient and stable dialysis service of high quality.

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