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    Main theory of medical ozone therapy

    1.  Cancer
    There has been a long history of Ozone Therapy, it used to be called Biological Oxidation Therapy. The metabolism of cancer cells is different from normal cells. They are anaerobic metabolism. Thus when ozone goes into the body, it can increase the oxygen level so that can induce cancer cell death. Ozone can stimulate immune cell growth (interferon, interleukin and tumor necrosis factor), indirectly facilitating the ability of the body in its anti-cancer  capability. Ozone has positive effects in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, by enhancing their effectiveness; it can also decrease their side effects.

    2.  All kinds of infection
    Ozone reacts with body fluid to produce hydrogen peroxide, which can directly kill bacteria and virus; it can also stimulate white blood cells generation; activate immunological competent cells (interferon, interleukin and tumor necrosis factor), thus enhancing the immune system, and enhance bactericidal action.

    3. Treatment for cardio and cerebrovascular diseases and peripheral blood flow
    Many investigations have shown that one of the effects of Medical Ozone Therapy is an improvement of peripheral blood flow and micro-circulation in tissues by enhancing cell oxygen metabolism, oxidize lipids in vascular walls, can reduce the oxygen hemoglobin integration level to increase oxygen to tissues, medical ozone can activate glutathione, hydrogen peroxide and superoxide dismutase which can remove free radicals which if uncontrolled leads to cardiovascular diseases. Conducted experiments have shown that the introduction of ozonated blood or ozonated physiological saline leads to an increase in cGMP in cerebral tissue and activation of cGMP-dependent protein kinase that can stimulate smooth muscle protein phosphorolysis and lead to their relaxation.

    4. Local application of ozone
    Local medical ozone therapy increases the body's immune cell activities, increase the body's resistance and is conducive to rehabilitation. It can kill bacteria, which helps to clean wounds, aids and hasten wound healing. It improves local blood flow and stimulate local cell network proliferation. It can be used for a long time, and thus can avoid long term use of antibiotics. It can also create a good anti-bacteria environment.     

    5. Other application
    Ozone can remove the lipid that attaches onto blood vessels, enhance the elasticity of blood vessel, and stimulate the anti-oxidant system. Therefore, ozone can be used in arteriosclerosis, hyperlipedemia, gout, geriatric diseases and angeitides.

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