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    1. Severe head trauma, intracranial hematoma emergency surgery.

    2. Microsurgery of various brain tumors and spinal cord tumors.

    3. Minimally invasive surgery of intracranial tumor and various diseases.

    4. Hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, minimally invasive or open surgery for drainage of intracranial hematoma.

    5. Carotid arteriostenosis or thrombosis surgery, cerebrovascular bypass surgery

    6. Aneurysm tumor block technique, radiation aneurysm embolization, arteriovenous abnormality radiation and microsurgery embolization treatment.

    7. Epilepsy surgery

    8. Trigeminal vasodecompression surgery

    9. Separation hydrocephalus, drainage of brain abscess, cranioplasty and repairs of cerebrospinal fluid leak.

    10. Minimally invasive surgery for removal of intracranial foreign bodies, cerebral palsy surgery and minimally invasive cerebral parasitosis surgery.

    11. Emergency surgery for any kind of brain disease.

    12. Using integrative medicine and natural medicine for best result and minimal side effects and complications.

    13. We have the best micro neurosurgery equipment in the cerebrovascular clinic. We have good experience in skull brain tumor surgery, skull base surgery, spinal cord diseases, severe brain trauma and congenital brain diseases.

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