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    1.  Medicine thrombolysis and blood vessel intervention therapy for acute ischemic cerebrovascular accident.

    We apply vein and artery thrombolysis to treat acute obstructive cerebrovascular accident such as cerebral embolism and cerebral thrombosis at the earliest opportunity. We do our utmost to save patients' lives by using artery thrombolysis or artery intervention according to the condition. We are experienced in using this therapy to treat cardiac infarction in the elderly.

    2.  Minimally invasive treatment for acute cerebral hemorrhage

    This therapy can reduce surgical damage and protect patient's senses, movement and language function. Our doctors can skillfully deal with a range of scientific indications to ensure patient's recovery from illness. 

    3.  Nerves recovery diagnosis and treatment.

    We apply Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, medical ozone therapy and physical therapy to treat cerebral accident patients during the rehabilitation stage. It is presently one of the best rehabilitation therapies in the medical community and has had good medical results. 

    4.  Hemodialysis for all kinds of nervous system intoxication and immune diseases 

    We apply hemodialysis to quickly clean up blood poison such as lead and copper, sedatives and immunotoxin, such as myasthenia gravis antibody and myelin protein antibody of GBS. This therapy can quickly relieve symptoms and avoid adverse reaction, it is one of the most advanced therapies in the world.  

    Instruments and Equipment

    Our 1.5T MRI is manufactured by the American GE company: For encephalopathy scanning, MRI blood vessel imaging is preferred, especially for DW and PW imaging. It can detect brain infarction at the earliest opportunity and aids in thrombolysis treatment. 

    The multi-slice spiral CT is also manufactured by the American GE company: Its quick and clear imaging aids in accurate diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage and brain tumor.

    Digital 24-channel electroencephalograph (EEG) manufactured by the American Nicolet company: For diagnosing encephalitis and epilepsy, with powerful anti interference ability. It is sensitive, and a non-invasive examination.

    Multi-channel digital electromyography (EMG) manufactured by the American Nicolet company: For monitoring nerves and electrophysiology function and examining peripheral nerves and muscle diseases.

    Blood Vessel Color Doppler Machine, VVT1360707 model, manufactured by the American GE company: For diagnosing blood vessel changes in cerebrovascular disease patients, such as arteriosclerosis, arterial stenosis and atherosclerosis plague formation.

    Large-scale digital subtraction angiography (DSA) equipment manufactured by the American GE company: It can clearly show cerebrovascular disease such as vascular malformation, which is necessary for blood vessel intervention therapy. 

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