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    1. Integrative medicine methods and treatments like manipulative repositioning, external fixation of small splint for closed fracture; internal & external fixation for upper limbs/lower limbs; interlocking nail for long bone fractures, power steel plate for close joint fracture and contoured steel plate for fracture of special site. In accordance with the theory of TCM, we adopt medicine, external application, moxibustion and washing for different periods of fracture. The comprehensive therapy for chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, neck, shoulder and lumber pains has proved to be effective and efficient at reasonable price.
    2. Fore and aft route for relieving pressure of neck, chest, and spinal fracture; all kinds of internal fixation.
    3. Cervical disease: Adopting fore route pressure relieving therapy, bone fusion, internal fixation of titanium plate; spinal canal expansion angioplasty and total laminectomy based on typing and compressed nerves location.
    4. Lumbar disc prolapse and spinal stenosis: Applying minimally invasive operation like semi/whole-vertebral laminectomy, and disc nucleus removal by diskoscope in accordance with the patients' health condition.
    5. Single/double artificial hip, total knee joint replacement: Patients recover quickly after operation with few complications.
    6. Severed limb/finger re-attachment: Joining blood vessel, severed and floating bone and tissue attachment to repair the injured limbs and soft tissue.
    7. Arthroscope for examination and treatment of chronic/acute injured hip joint, knee joint and acute or chronic degenerative bone and joint diseases.
    8. Osteoporosis: Using double-functional X-ray bone mineral density meter examination and integrated therapy for treatment of osteoporosis.  
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