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    Medical care to JCI standard

    Immediate service all day:  24 hours consultation, accompanied by professional nurses through all treatments, and providing guests with comprehensive medical treatment and nursing care.

    Trusted professional techniques:  Specialists and doctors of VIP Center are responsible for the medical treatment. Inpatient guests enjoy a comprehensive weekly consultation by our expert panel comprising of Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Chelation, Hyperthermia, Psychology, Nutrition and Qigong experts. These experts devise an individualized and comprehensive therapeutic plan for each patient, which is examined and assessed by our Center Director.

    International management:  In 2003, Clifford Hospital was internationally accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), which is an internationally recognized body for assessing the quality of hospitals world wide, and we became the first hospital in China to obtain JCI accreditation. Clifford Hospital has become an excellent example for other Chinese medical institutions by its international standard of management. In 2006, Clifford Hospital passed the JCI re-accreditation with a high score again, persisting in treating patients with a caring heart, and continuing improvements in our medical service.

    Building up the health profile for every guest, serving guests with their diagnosis, medical treatment, nursing caring, after-hospitalization follow-up service, and health guidance/education all through the course.

    Respectful service for guests
    ·Considerate Service:   Customer Service is equal to that of a five-star hotel, providing each guest with careful and considerate assistance, including meals, business, transportation, touring, shopping, ticketing, visa, laundry, translation, hotel reservation and medical insurance/claim assistance services.
    ·International Service:   Providing foreign guest with 24 hours Multi-Lingual Support (e.g.: English, French, Germany, Japanese, Korea etc), meeting and greeting service at the airport, visa extension, insurance items, meals and accommodation for family members/companions etc.
    ·Medical Insurance Service: The medical insurance service of VIP Center has approval from many insurance companies in China and overseas. We can settle the insurance consultation and provide guests from China, Hong Kong/Macau, Japan, Europe, America and other areas with related service for insurance claim. Among these, guests with medical insurance through Tiecare (GBG), Mondial Assistance, Midlink, Wellbe, EJB, OTAI, SOS/AEA  can enjoy a cash-free payment service.

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