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    Characterized by its integrative treatments of Western, Traditional Chinese and Alternative Medicines, the advantages of the Ophthalmology Department are listed as follows:

    1. Cataract Clinic:
    Early prevention and treatment by Traditional Chinese and Western medicines for cataract. Our Ultrasonic Emulsification and Artificial Lens Implanting Surgery is operated by well-known specialists resulting in short operation time (10 minutes or less) and small incision (3mm) with no need for sutures,

    2. Common elderly eye diseases, retinal disease and ophthalmoplegia:
    We offer comprehensive treatments such as integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicines, localized treatment, detoxification, and medical ozone therapy for diseases. Among them, we are the pioneer in China using detoxification therapy and medical ozone therapy to treat ophthalmic incurable diseases and thus the Department has accumulated abundant experience.

    3. Prevention and treatment for short sightedness, Cock Eye and Lazy Eye for pediatrics and teens:
    Treating diseases by various therapeutic equipment, incorporating physical training, Traditional Chinese and Western medicine and providing eye usage and health diet guidance. These methods have achieved significant effects.

    4. Lacrimal passage diseases:
    KTP lacrimal laser surgery can relieve pain and cure watery eyes. In addition, for complicated dacryocyst, we can cooperate with ENT Department to jointly carry out ENT endoscopic surgery.

    5. Surgical beautification:
    The Department excels in various ocular plastic cosmetic surgery such as double eyelid surgery, rectification of ptosis, anaplasty of upper eyelids abnormality, ocular implants (false eyeball), pouch restitution (the elderly usually have bags under eyes, and eyelids sagging), removing corneal leukoplakia (keratoplasty) and surgical resection of ocular tumors, and repair of facial and ocular deformities and scar repairs.

    The Department not only treats and eases pain for patients, but also provides eye disease prevention and eye care services for the healthy and sub-healthy patients.


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