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    The Pediatrics Department, with its incessant efforts and unbiased emphasis on clinic medicine and theory research, has found 6 distinctive and advantageous directions for research, resulting in outstanding accomplishments.
    1. Childhood Asthma Unit.    
    It was established in 2 Feb. 2002. Attending the Department's specialist consultation panel are chief physician Liu Jianhan (Head of Pediatrics Department, member of Lingnan Medical Association, Master of Med Sc), vice-chief physician Guo Ronghui (Deputy Head of Pediatrics Department), attending physician Fan Hui, and physician Zhang Guangli (Master of Med Sc.), etc. For allergy diseases such as childhood asthma, asthmatic bronchitis and allergic rhinitis, we submit ourselves under the guidance of the latest philosophy and methodology as stipulated in the GINA of WHO, seek proven TCM prescriptions, and try for integrated treatment method of TCM and WM. We lean mainly on the inhalation method, with various inhalation devices and various formulation and dosages targeted to different age groups of patients, so as to achieve the best curative and preventive effects, and to avoid side effects. With the lung function examination apparatus, we are able to achieve dynamic monitoring of the curative results and lung function of an asthmatic child patient without any trauma, for the purpose of inhibiting or curing asthma with minimum dosage. Thousands of asthmatic children have benefited from our treatment, with many difficult cases tackled successfully. These child patients come from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, from Mainland cities within the Pearl River Delta such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Shunde, and Panyu, and from Zengcheng (GD), Yangjiang (GD), Hunan Province, and Hubei Province. 

    2. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
    This unit is a first rate NNICU in China established as per JCI international standards. It is a unique unit of Clifford Hospital. There are many advanced instruments and equipment such as centralized oxygen supply system, centralized compressed air supply system, centralized negative pressure suction system, modern patient monitoring and treatment equipments imported from USA, Germany, and Japan, such as multi-function patient monitor,  advanced respirator machine, radiant-heated beds, premature baby incubator, UV light box, transcutaneous oxygen saturation monitor, micro-bilirubin monitor, micro-blood sugar monitor, infusion pump, colored observation system, etc. Our NNICU accepts critical neonatal babies from our Hospital as well as other hospitals. We have acquired bountiful experience in diagnosing and treating neonatal suffocation, hypoventilation syndrome, as well as in breathing/nutrition assistance and nursing for premature babies with low birth weight.

    This unit enjoys a fine management system, and our diagnosis and treatments are scientific-and human-oriented. The core medical staff is composed of veteran vice-chief physician Zhang Hongfu who has 20 years of experience, vice-chief physician Wu Yiping, head nurse Zhang Xiufang, senior nurses Li Lihua and Chen Lin, nurse Zhong Min, etc., who have all gained years of experience in treatment of new-born babies. A close cooperation between the Pediatrics Department and the Obstetrics Department makes it possible for a further reduction in the incidence rate of neonatal respiratory diseases such as suffocation and lung hyaline membrane disease;. With systematic nursing of the premature babies as our focus, and with on-site attention from the moment of birth, we stress a combination of prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, maintenance of stability of internal environment, controlling of in-hospital infection, and improvement of nursing quality. The curative ratio of very and super low birth weight children has risen from 73.9% to 89.1%; backed up with the advantages of inter-unit cooperation, we are able to practice neonatal sight and hearing screening and follow-up surveys ahead of other mainland hospitals. The Department places emphasis on an overall augment of the child patients'survival quality, lifts the survival rate of premature low birth weight babies, reduces nervous system sequela, and stands out among our domestic peers for the quality of medical services. Meanwhile, we have prepared a green priority system for newborn babies, for them to avoid tedious queuing up and enjoy timely consultation.

    3. Kidney and Immunity Deficiency Unit   
    This is a unit of strength in our Pediatrics Department. Led by Professor Ni Zhuying, an expert enjoying State Council grant, a professional medical team has taken shape, including vice-chief physician Mei Qiwen and postgraduate An Xuesong. They cooperate with Kidney Internal Medicine Department, apply the theories of TCM, introduce the theories and methods of modern medicine, research into the pathological causes, symptoms, and treatment of child kidney diseases, and have thus developed an academic train of thoughts for child kidney treatment, which focuses on improving blood circulation for stasis dispersion, on strengthening the spleen for replenishment of Qi, and on expelling pathogenic heat and dispelling dampness. This double fold (TCM plus WM) treatment method for intractable/refractory child kidney diseases has   blazed the way for our child patients to shake off hormone reliance, to regain hormone effect, to induce remission, and reduce recurrences. Our researches are mainly on acute child glomerulonephritis, nephropathy syndrome and lupus nephritis (LN).

    4. Child Spleen/Stomach Unit  
    Headed by chief physician Li Hongsheng, vice-chief physicians Xiao Yang and Jiang Daiqiong, this unit boasts a professional staff of high grade physicians with master or bachelor degrees. These professionals are all veterans of clinic consultation, teaching, and research, with rich experiences in medical practices. We adopt TCM diagnosis/treatment, massage, muscle pinching, acupuncture at acupoint Sifeng, and child feeding instruction, etc. for diseases such as acute or chronic diarrhea, repeated bellyache (RB), necrotizing enteritis, malnutrition, cyclical vomiting, anorexia, gastrointestinal bleeding, pancreatitis, infections of liver and gallbladder diseases, constipation, and intestinal parasitic diseases, etc. We have acquired rich clinical experience and fine curative effects in TCM treatment of anorexia, infantile malnutrition/stagnation, etc. 

    5. Child Health & Rehabilitation Center   
    Directed by vice-chief physician Xia Wei and Jiang Wei, vice-chief physician Hu Weitong who has over 30 years of child health care experience, and physician Liu Yubin, this Center provides a systematic management of early intervention for high-risk new-born babies. The Center  has accumulated vast experience in early childhood education, which is to be continually improved. The study of early childhood (0-3 years) education has also obtained successful experience, and the aim is to instruct parents and arm them with scientific knowledge of baby nursing, monitoring of babies' growth, evaluation of nutritional status, guidance on early childhood education, and appraisal of babies' psychological behaviors. We specially provide follow-up surveys for high-risk babies transferred from the NNICU, giving them priority and top quality consultation services, to lower disability rate, and bring them a healthy beginning of a sound life. Our services cover brain paralysis, retarded nerve or mental development, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette, autism, epilepsy, dysphonia (stammer, dysarthria, communication disorder), insomnia, evaluation of child behavior, morality, learning obstacle, mental state, and early intervention of new-born babies, premature babies, and high-risk babies. A distinctive treatment method of integrating TCM, WM, and alternative therapy is adopted, along with modern technology for the diagnosis and treatment for rehabilitation,  is employed for a comprehensive healing effect. The medical technology covers: evaluation of psychological behaviors and rehabilitation treatment, sensory integration, kinematic therapy, occupational therapy (OT), behavior correction, music therapy, conductive education approach, constructive education approach, electrotherapeutics, moxibustion therapy, therapeutic bath, massage, acupuncture, back pinching, medication, etc.

    Friendly and Caring Services

    Our motto is "Treating patients with a caring heart and respect for life"; our mission is to develop and provide the highest quality, appropriate, unique and highly effective integrative medicine healthcare service utilizing the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine to serve our patients. All the staff of the Pediatrics Department appreciate the trust, support, and care from our peers at home and abroad, and from parents of our child patients. We are willing to promote academic exchanges and cooperation with other institutions and we will exert unreserved efforts to serve the child patients and their parents, and strive for further attainments in the field of child health care and medical technology.

    Professional Equipment 

    1. UV Light Box:  For neonatal jaundice. The high-density energy-saving cold-light tubes in a UV light bed diffuse 425 nm – 475 nm light waves, which are acknowledged to be the best wave-length for treatment. Baby patients are kept close to the light source for an optimal healing effect.   
    2. Infrared Radiation Stand:  For temperature restoration in neonatal scleredema and for rescuing of children in critical conditions.
    3. Colored Observation System:  For parents of child patients in critical conditions who cannot afford to be brought out of the healing unit. Parents may avail themselves of this system for a clear look and understanding of their sick baby.
    4. Respiration Machine: We have several of them, which are all imported models, for critically ill child patients.
    5. Sophisticated Computer Aided Middle Frequency Physical Therapy System and Brain Circulatory Function Therapy Apparatus:  Outstandingly effective for children with cerebral palsy and nerve damage. 
    6. Intelligent Moxibustion Machine: Outstandingly effective for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cerebral palsy, autism, arthritis, and rheumatism, etc. 
    7. Child Lung Function Examination Apparatus:  For dynamic monitoring of the curative results and lung function of an asthmatic child patient without any trauma; for the purpose of controlling or curing asthma with minimum dosage.  


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