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    Implantation of Teeth: Introduced the world's most advanced teeth implantation system into China; possess famous teeth implantation systems such as Branemark, ITI and Replace. The teeth implantation technology is at the domestic advanced level, which helps to regain teeth that would normally be lost without these techniques; moreover, the teeth implantation business of our Center is at the top of Grade 3A general hospitals in Guangdong Province, and the maxillary sinus lifting technology has reached international advanced level as well.

    Facial Plasty Surgery: We make use of microsurgical and orthognathia techniques to recover your natural appearance and self-confidence from facial defect. 

    Teeth Rectification: We use advanced corrective appliances such as edgewise arch and straight wire to straighten your teeth so that they will be neat and perfect. We have developed teeth correction therapies for adolescent and adult.

    Anterior Teeth Cosmetology: We use the world's most advanced Zirconia ceramic teeth and ceramic teeth casting techniques to recover your teeth from defects and help you regain self-confidence.
    Painless Tooth Extraction: We use internationally famous local anesthetics to help to extract teeth painlessly.

    Painless Teeth Cleaning: We introduced internationally advanced electronic dental analgesia to ease pain and fear during teeth cleaning.
    Root Canal Therapy: We have first-class experts treating dental pulp disease, as well as using advanced ultrasonic and nickel-titanium root canal system, which guarantee the quality of such complicated root canal therapies.

    Prosthodontia: We have introduced various new-type prosthodontic technology such as precious or non-precious metal ceramic teeth, true ceramic teeth, ceramic teeth casting, precision attachment and magnetic attachment, etc.. The artificial teeth are life-like, natural, comfortable, and have a whole-life guarantee in our Center.

    The curative ratio of surgery for maxillofacial tumor is high. The facial defect  caused by maxillofacial tumor, could be repaired by using antebrachium free skin flap technique, and this surgical technology has reached international advanced level. The tongue reconstruction operation has good effects as well.


    1. Italian Eurodent comprehensive dental treatment chair, which is an international first-class facility.
    2. We introduced the oral sterilization system of Germany Miele Corporation with huge investment. All of the apparatus should be strictly disinfected according to the JCI international standard. In addition, we use single use material to prevent cross infection.
    3. We possess the most advanced digital photographic equipment, digital panoramic X-ray machine and dental film machine, which is of little radiation, high resolution and instant imaging. You can see you teeth on the computer screen.
    4. So far, Branemark System is the most advanced and effective teeth implantation system, which has famous brands such as ITI, Replace.
    5. International first-class nickel-titanium root canal preparation system and root filling technology with warm gutta-percha.


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