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    Hyperthermia—New weapon for treatment of malignant tumors

    Hyperthermia is currently the most effective method of tumor treatment after surgical operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It may be divided into wholebody hyperthermia, local hyperthermia and regional hyperthermia. It is mainly applicable to the following situations:

    1. Hyperthermia may be applied in the treatment of many cancers: Lung cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, osteosarcoma, malignant melanoma, malignant lymphoma, lymph node metastasis carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and skin cancer, etc.
    2. Residue cancer after surgery. 
    3. Many kinds of advanced cancer that relapsed after chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.
    4. It has special curative effects on intractable pain of advanced cancer.
    5. It can reduce the incidences of metastases and recurrence of cancers.
    6. It can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


    Hyperthermia—New nemesis for gynecological diseases and chronic inflammation

    It is safe and reliable and with good effect in using medium - low temperature wholebody hyperthermia, local hyperthermia and regional hyperthermia to treat various kinds of gynecological diseases and chronic inflammation.

    1. Gynecological diseases: Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic salpingitis, endometritis, dysmenorrhea and infertility caused by chronic inflammation, etc.
    2. Other chronic inflammations: Cholecystitis, prostatitis, rheumatic arthritis, rhinitis, etc.


    Hyperthermia—New means of health care and function recovery

    Medium-low temperature wholebody hyperthermia has the effect in improving body's functional recovery and body's immune system and health care, etc.

    1. Functional recovery treatment: It can facilitate the recovery of body' s function, alleviate muscle spasms, allay tiredness and improve body's reaction ability. It has special curative effect on muscle strain, low back pain and bone joint degenerative diseases.
    2. Improving body's immune system: Heating can activate body's immune system and improve disease prevention capability.


    Hyperthermia—New concept of cosmetology, skin care, detoxification and beauty-building

    Medium-low temperature wholebody hyperthermia can speed up metabolism; improve blood circulation, immediately remove the metabolic waste and endotoxin in body; and repair injured tissues. It has also effect on detoxification, cosmetology, beauty-building, weight lost, etc.


    Characteristic Hyperthermia--German Wholebody Hyperthermia System and Process

    Wholebody hyperthermia has its special effect. In the past, because it was with some danger that its use was very restricted when applied to human beings. During heating, it needs to be done under general anesthesia, and multidisciplinary physicians are involved during treatment, which led to restriction of application of wholebody hyperthermia in many hospitals. Clifford Hospital has introduced advanced German Heckel-HT2000M Infrared Wholebody Hyperthermia Unit in China, and has acquired unprecedented effect and significant hyperthermia data when performing wholebody hyperthermia under the control of moderate and deep anesthesia after German hyperthermia specialists' training. Now, patients have no need to perform intubation and anesthesia and the therapy can be safely conducted during sleep. This has been performed in hundreds of patients over 3 years, without major complications. Under wholebody hyperthermia, good effects are achieved when used in combination with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hyperthermic perfusion or with Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc, especially for intraperitoneal hyperthermia perfusion.


    Characteristic Hyperthermia--Hungary OncoTherm EHY-2000 RF Local Hyperthermia System

    Clifford Hospital has introduced advanced Hungary OncoTherm EHY-2000 RF Local Hyperthermia System in China. In the past, local radio-frequency hyperthermia did not allow application to the head region. However, the Hungary OncoTherm EHY-2000 RF Local Hyperthermia System not only conducts local hyperthermia in various parts of the body, but it can also conduct local hyperthermia for intracranial tumor non-invasively. It has better curative effect when combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. During the past 3 years, we have not recorded any side effects on hundreds of patient treatments. This has opened up a new field for  hyperthermia.

    For advanced intraperitoneal and pelvic malignant tumor, traditional therapies such as surgery, radiotherapy and wholebody chemotherapy are not effective.  However, in recent years, by the continuous efforts of domestic and foreign hyperthermia specialists and  the development of high-tech hyperthermia devices, we have created a very effective treatment method in using hyperthermia to treat medium and advanced abdominal and pelvic primary and metastasis lesions, which is intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy.

    Peritoneum is a semi permeable membrane with bidirectional permeability which has great power for absorbing body fluid and micro-particles. Due to its absorption ability, the medication concentration of portal system is up to 10 times that of peripheral blood, which has good effect in treating hepatic and pancreatic tumor. The concentration of some anti-tumor drugs is 15 times higher in the abdominal cavity than in the plasma. The concentration of some immunodepressants is 4,000 times higher in abdominal cavity than in the plasma. The function of killing cancer cells of many anti-cancer drugs is dependent on its concentration, that is to say, the higher the concentration, the higher the lethality. After injection of drug into the abdominal cavity, because of the function of abdominal barrier, the intraperitoneal and pelvic drug concentration is higher than that in the plasma's, which makes it more effective. However, hyperthermia can directly kill cancer cells and at the same time, can increase the efficacy of drugs and improves body' s immune ability.

    Among all hyperthermia, the technique and effect of wholebody hyperthermia has more advantages. The most advanced hyperthermia technique in China is that of performing intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy under wholebody hyperthermia, and this has achieved significant effect in clinical treatment in recent years. Intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy under wholebody hyperthermia can achieve 41.8 ℃ after drug injection into abdominal cavity, and it can maintain 40 ℃ to 41.8 ℃ for 240 minutes, which goes beyond local or regional hyperthermia's capability of 39.5 ℃ to 40.5℃ for 60–90 mins. This has made a big progress in hyperthermia. 

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