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    With the combination of Chinese and Western medical treatment therapies, the Anorectal Clinic of Clifford Hospital achieves its goal of maximizing patients' recovery and minimizing the side-effect after treatments. (Medical equipment used in the treatment of various medical conditions include but is not limited to: electronic rectalscope, laser and laser therapy, PPH surgery, Traditional Chinese Medicines etc,)

    Medical equipment and instruments for the treatment of anal region and perianal disease such as computerized Anorectal equipment therapy, laser treatment and local injection therapy have proved to be effective, with little complication after treatment.

    Painless Anorectal surgery and treatment: By employing Chinese and Western medicine and unique treatments to reduce the suffering of pain for patients during and after surgery.

    External Chinese medicine treatment for anus and perianal diseases:
    Such as moxibustion, bathing by submerging the lower body in liquid medicine, external application, wet application and inserting medicine inside the anus etc.

    Combination of Chinese and Western therapy to cure Rectal-Colon infection such as colitis: This therapy provides good therapeutic results, with minimum recurrence and complications.

    The integration of Chinese and Western therapies proves to be effective for constipated patients, especially the elderly.

    Preventive Health Education: Patients will be educated in appropriate diets, the correct method of breathing (Qigong), and appropriate physical exercises in order to minimize painful Anorectal diseases and reduce the risk of complications.


    1. Computerized L-C100 for anorectal treatment
    2. Rectalscope, sigmoidoscope, electronic colonoscopy system.
    3. Computerized anorectal moxibustion chair.
    4. Laser treatment equipment.
    5. Colon hydrotherapy equipment.
    6. PPH (Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids) surgery equipment.
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