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    1. Excellent service: To cope with the special requirement of patients for quick reports, the Laboratory set up the special procedure to offer quick tests for emergency around the clock when tens of test items are available and the results can be obtained within 15 to 60 minutes. The confidentiality of the reports and patient information will be in strict accordance with JCI requirements.
    2. If the patient's test report shows critical/crisis value, the laboratory will call the doctor on duty at once to ensure that the patient can receive  timely medical treatment.
    3. Rigorous quality control: According to the requirements of JCI, the advanced equipment and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) ensure the quality of test results. The Laboratory joins in the EQC (External Quality Control) programs of National Center for Clinical Laboratories and Guangdong Province for Clinical Laboratories, and the practice of internal quality control of laboratory with the international certificated control materials; these assures the efficiency and accuracy of patient's results.
    4. The Laboratory establishes LIS (Laboratory Information System). In combination with HIS (Hospital Information System), the real time laboratory data communication and query on line are ensured.
    5. Early tests for tumor markers: The laboratory uses a variety of diagnostic kits certified by the FDA for tumor screening to provide lab-evidence for health care, early tumor detection and diagnosis.

    The Laboratory Center has advanced automated analyzers like: 

    Fully automated chemistry analyzer: OLYMPUS-AU2700

    Fully automated coagulation analyzer: Backman

    Fully automated hematology system: Bayer ADVIA-120

    Automated blood type and cross match system: Diana-Procesadorl

    Fully automated blood cell analyzer: ABBOTT CD-1700

    Automated quantitative fluorescent analyzer: AMI RAMP

    Automated quantitative fluorescent PCR analyser: ABI/PE-7000

    Automated urinary dry chemistry analyzer: Bayer-500

    Automated microbiology culture system: BioMerieux BacT/Alert

    Automated urinary sediment workstation: Bayer DiaSys R/S

    Automated microbiology identification system: BioMerieux  VITEK-32

    Automated hemorheology analyzer: Precil LBY-N6B

    Fully automated chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer: Bayer ACS-180

    Atomic absorption spectrophotometer: TAS-990

    Fully automated chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer: ABBOT AXSYM

    Atomic Fluorescence spectrometer: AFS-3100

    Automated electrophoresis analyzer: Sebia HYDSYS

    Automated blood gases and electrolytes analyzer: Bayer RapidLab-845

    OLYMPUS-AU2700                                  Sample' s pretreatment

    Pathological Diagnosis                           Fully Automated Chemiluminescent    
                                                                   Immunoassay Analyzer ABBOT AXSYM
    Fully Automated Hematology System          Fully Automated Coagulation           
    ADVIA-120                                                Analyzer ACL-9000

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