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    Name:  Wang Xiaoguang

    Specialty: Internal Nephrology 

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

    Academic Rank: Professor, Chief Physician 

    Biography: Dr. Wang has been working in China’s well known A-class teaching hospitals for over 20 years. She is very well-known for her great proficiency in applying integrated traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine to various complicated and difficult renal diseases, including chronic  hematuresis (gA nephropathy, anaphylatic purpura nephritis) ,  proteinuria, primary glomerulopathy (acute and chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome), secondary nephropathy (diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephropathy, gouty nephropathy), and so forth. 

    Dr. Wang is particularly experienced in chronic renal insufficiency. The Kangmian Electuary she invented for renal insufficiency has demonstrated significant effects in nourishing the spleen and kidney and promoting the blood circulation, thus reducing the urea nitrogen and serum creatinine, which in turn could help to restore the renal functions. In addition, Dr. Wang also has done in-depth studies on the diagnosis and treatment of enuresis, chyluria, prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation, and so forth. 

    Dr. Wang also has made great achievements in research. She has published 52 papers and participated in the editorship of 12 monograms. She is a committee member of the PLA Institute of Chinese Medicine, Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Neurological Branch, National Diabetes Disease Council. 

    Name:  Miu Xinwen

    Specialty: Nephrology

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Third Military Medical University 

    Academic Rank: Attending Physician 

    Biography: Dr. Miu has been engaged in clinical work of nephrology for over 20 years. Dr. Miu is good at treating acute and chronic renal failure, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, urinary tract infection, urinary lithiasis, gouty nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy, prostatitis, male infertility and sexual dysfunction, and complications after kidney transplantation. He has rich experience in body balance cultivation and blood purification. Dr. Miu has published 11 papers. 

    Awards: Dr. Miu was given four awards by the Third Military Medical University for his outstanding clinical achievements. 

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