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    Name:  Peng Gengsheng

    Specialty: Internal Medicine 

    Language Spoken: Mandarin, English 

    Qualifications: M.D., the First Military Medical University

    Academic Rank: Vice-Chief Physician

    Biography: Dr. Peng graduated from the School of Medicine of Southeast University (orginally the Department of Medicine of the Nanjing Railway Medical College). He has been engaged in clinical internal medicine for over 20 years in China’s A-class hospitals in Guangzhou. He has extensive experiences in treating geriatric diseases and nerve system diseases. He is an expert in examination and analysis of nerve electrophysiology. He has published 16 papers in national, provincial and municipal medical journals. Dr. Peng is a member of the Neurology Branch of the Guangdong Medical Doctor Association.

    Name:  Dr. Yang Qi

    Specialty: Internal medicine

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Sichuan Medical College  

    Academic Rank: Professor, Chief Physician 

    Biography: Dr. Yang has worked in clinical area for more than 30 years, thus has gained extensive clinical experience in cancer treatment. He was sent by the Chinese government to Mississippi Valley State University and the Cardiovascular Disease Research Center of Tokushimadai Hospital in Japan for further training. In 2005, he went to the Nutritional and Environmental Medicine College in Australia to study Chelation therapy and Vitamin C therapy. These two therapies have played an essential role in Clifford Hospital’s non-toxic integrative cancer treatment.  

    During the past decades, Dr. Yang has been devoted himself to the study of heavy metal toxicity, chelation therapy for detoxification as well as laboratory research on tumor treatments with Vitamin C.

    In addition to his extensive clinic experience, Dr. Yang also has had many years of teaching experience in supervising under-graduate and graduate students. He is particularly experienced in teaching clinical oncology. Currently, Dr. Yang is the supervisor of interns from Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University.       Publications: He has published 58 medical papers, 4 of which are in English. He was an editor of a 3 volume medical book set. He was also an editor of A Study of Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments, which was published in 2008.    

    Awards: Dr.Yang has hosted 5 research projects of provincial and national levels, two of which won him the third provincial award of Science and Technique Progress.  In 1991, due to his outstanding clinical and research achievements, he was given a permanent special allowance by the State Council. 

    Name:  Li Hengmou

    Specialty: Oncology

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., First Military Medical University

    Academic Rank: Professor, Chief Physician 

    Biography: Dr. Li has been engaged in oncology for over 40 years. He is well-known in China for his great proficiency in applying traditional Chinese medicine and non-toxic integrative treatments to gastric cancer, liver cancer and various other cancers. He is very experienced in rectifying chemotherapy and radiotherapy-related side effects with traditional Chinese medicine. 

    Name:  Wang Xiaoguang

    Specialty: Internal Nephrology 

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

    Academic Rank: Professor, Chief Physician 

    Biography: Dr. Wang has been working in China’s well known A-class teaching hospitals for over 20 years. She is very well-known for her great proficiency in applying integrated traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine to various complicated and difficult renal diseases, including chronic  hematuresis (gA nephropathy, anaphylatic purpura nephritis) ,  proteinuria, primary glomerulopathy (acute and chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome), secondary nephropathy (diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephropathy, gouty nephropathy), and so forth. 

    Dr. Wang is particularly experienced in chronic renal insufficiency. The Kangmian Electuary she invented for renal insufficiency has demonstrated significant effects in nourishing the spleen and kidney and promoting the blood circulation, thus reducing the urea nitrogen and serum creatinine, which in turn could help to restore the renal functions. In addition, Dr. Wang also has done in-depth studies on the diagnosis and treatment of enuresis, chyluria, prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation, and so forth. 

    Dr. Wang also has made great achievements in research. She has published 52 papers and participated in the editorship of 12 monograms. She is a committee member of the PLA Institute of Chinese Medicine, Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Neurological Branch, National Diabetes Disease Council. 

    Name:  Wang Wei

    Specialty: Radiology

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Hunan Medical University 

    Academic Rank: Associate Chief Physician

    Biography: Having been engaged in clinical practice and teaching of oncology for decades, Dr. Wang is experienced in applying ozone therapy to cancer treatments such as dermatic, gynecological, and orthopedic cancers. He is particularly professional in applying medical ozone therapy in combination with TCM such as herbal therapy and acupuncture to cancer treatment. The integrative treatments Dr. Wang applied have demonstrated particular effectiveness in rectifying chemo-related toxins. 

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