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    Name:  Zhang Zili


    Specialty: Oncology 

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Changchun University of Chinese Medicine 

    Academic Rank: Chief Physician 

    Biography: Having been engaging in clinical oncology work for nearly 30 years, Dr. Zhang is very experienced in treating cancer with the integration of Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine. She is also very professional in treating various difficult diseases such as chronic headache, singultus, insomnia, constipation, hypertension, depression, endocrine disorder, malignant tumor and postoperative complications. She is the supervisor of interns from Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University, Hunan Chinese Medicine University, and other students from Hong Kong and South East Asia countries, who came to learn acupuncture. Dr. Zhang has participated in various research projects of provincial and national levels. She has made remarkable achievements in scientific research in traditional Chinese medicine oncology. 


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    Awards: First Prize of national level for her paper The Use of Ba Zhen Tang in Treating Leucopenia Caused by Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy; First Prize of national level for her paper Gu Fang Xin Yong: The Use of Shi Quan Da Bu Tang in Treating Toxin in Kidneys Caused by Chemotherapy; First Prize of national level for her paper The Use of Jiu Gan Cao in Treating Toxin in Heart Caused by Adriamycin, Lin Yan Qi Fang Zhen Chuan of TCM Physicians. 


    Name:  Lu Yimin

    Specialty: Hyperthermia, Emergency Resuscitation, Pain management

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Henan Medical University  

    Academic Rank: Professor, Chief Physician

    Biography: Having been engaged in clinical work for over 20 years, Dr. Lu is particularly experienced in emergency resuscitation and pain management. Dr. Lu often advises senior patients and their families - as well as their surgeons - on how to optimize the care of patients who are planning to undergo an operation. 

    Dr. Lu is very professional in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic pains such as various soft tissue injuries, osteoarthropathy, and neuropathic pain etc. Dr. Lu has published over 10 academic theses at provincial-level or above periodicals. 

    In the past ten years, Dr. Lu has been devoted himself to the study and clinical practice in applying whole body hyperthermia and local hyperthermia to benign and malignant disease treatments. He was the first person in China to introduce sedation anesthesia to whole body hyperthermia. 

    Name:  Chen Xiangyang

    Specialty: Neurosurgery

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Guangzhou

    Academic Rank: Vice Chief Physician

    Biography: Dr. Chen has been engaged in the clinical practice of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine as well as neurological rehabilitation for over 20 years. He is good at diagnosing and treating spondylodynia, nervous system disease and senile diseases. He is well-experienced in applying various Western and Chinese rehabilitation therapies such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese clinical massage to hemiplegia, paraplegia, fracture, post orthopaedic surgery dysfunction, headache, dizziness, etc. 

    Name:  Dr Wangwei

    Specialty: Radiology

    Language Spoken: Mandarin

    Qualifications: M.D., Hunan Medical University 

    Academic Rank: Associate Chief Physician

    Biography: Having been engaged in clinical practice and teaching of oncology for decades, Dr. Wang is experienced in applying ozone therapy to cancer treatments such as dermatic, gynecological, and orthopedic cancers. He is particularly professional in applying medical ozone therapy in combination with TCM such as herbal therapy and acupuncture to cancer treatment. The integrative treatments Dr. Wang applied have demonstrated particular effectiveness in rectifying chemo-related toxins. 

    Name:  Ou Junwen

    Specialty: Nutriology

    Language Spoken: Mandarin, English

    Qualifications: M.D., Sheffield University

    Academic Rank: Attending Physician

    Biography: Dr. Ou is a member of the Guangdong Nutrition Society. Having worked in several major British hospitals for many years, Dr. Ou is very experienced in nutrition assessment and support. Dr. Ou's specialty includes development of a nutritional regimen for patients with malignant tumors, diabetes, chronic weakened kidneys, pancreatitis, and surgical perioperative diseases.  Her regimen makes full advantage of chelation (detoxipication) therapy to rectify the radio-related and chemo-related side effects commonly seen during a cancer treatment. 

    Dr. Ou’s regimen could greatly improve patients’ appetite, restore the essential nutrients, and enhance the immunity.  


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