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    TCM-Music-Background Psychotherapy in Oncology
    Relevant studies have shown that 66℅ of cancer patients suffer from depression, 10℅ from athopia, and 8℅ from obsessive-compulsive disorder. 80℅ of cancer patients die during recuperation time rather than when undergoing treatments. ...Read more
    How Does Hyperthermia Kill Cancer Cells
    It is well-known that cancer metastases are the major challenge for cancer patients. How does hyperthermia kill cancer cells?...Read more
    Cancer Treatment with Heat: Hyperthermia Give a New Hope for Cancer Patients
    Oncological hyperthermia has been under continuous study and it has been witnessing a rapid development in recent years. It has now become one of the major cancer treatments along with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biologically targeted therapy....Read more

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    How Does Meditation Therapy Kill Cancer Cells

    It is common to see cancer patients suffering from malnutrition, depression, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, reduced immune system, and whole-body or local pains....Read more
    American “Bodhi-Meditation Therapy” in Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation
    “Bodhi-Meditation Therapy”, a Buddhist health-cultivating method, originated from ancient Tailand, gradually gained popularity among folks. It was introduced to Europe and North America in 20th century. ...Read more
    Medical Qigong in Cancer Treatment
    As an alternative therapy using natural healing methods, Qigong (also generally known as “chi kung” in USA) is safe, effective and easy to learn. Qigong achieves its natural healing effects by regulating the human body’s physical and mental activities, as well as improving the breathing functions. ...Read more

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    Guqin: A Traditional Chinese Music Instrument for Your Heath

    Among all traditional Chinese musical instruments, Guqin is the only one that is closely related to Taoism....Read more

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    Hyperthermia Combined with TCM for Cancer Treatment

    Along with the progress and development of modern medicine, the concept and the trend of “return to nature” have raised attention among all of us. Natural therapies including hyperthermia, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, etc., will certainly become important methods in disease prevention and treatment in the 21st century. ...Read more
    Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Gaining More Popularity Internationally
    On June 3, 2011, the inaugural meeting of the Specialty Committee of the Natural Medicine World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) was held in Guangzhou, China. ...Read more
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