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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Gaining More Popularity Internationally
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    On June 3, 2011, the inaugural meeting of the Specialty Committee of the Natural Medicine World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) was held in Guangzhou, China. 

    The well-known TCM master Deng Qiantao served as an honorary president and consultant for this meeting. Over 400 specialists from around 30 countries including China, America, Russia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, Israel, Hungary, India, and Ghana attended the meeting.  

    Professor Clifford Pang was elected as the President of the Specialty Committee of the Natural Medicine World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS)

    The President of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Yu Jing pointed out that along with the rising interest and effort in the research of natural medicine worldwide, the Specialty Committee of the Natural Medicine World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) has provided an international platform on which specialists could exchange their ideas on natural medicine and make contributions to the development of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

    “Natural medicine makes full advantages of the natural resources, traditional medicines and the human’s self-healing ability, non-toxic, safe and non-invasive, and is effective in preventing and curing diseases. The research on natural medicine has been gaining momentum internationally. Natural medicine is an important complement to modern medicine, and could be an alternative to various treatments…” Yu Jing further pointed it out. 

    It is widely believed among the specialists that natural medicine and therapies have become an essential method for disease prevention and health care in the 21st century, and the scientific research, classification, improvement, popularity, standardization of the natural medicine is imperative. Professor Clifford Pang, the President of the inaugural meeting of the Specialty Committee of the Natural Medicine World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society, also made it clear that for a sustainable development of natural medicine, the standardized international definition, classification and administration of it are urgently needed.  

    The meeting was sponsored by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society and hosted by Clifford Hospital. During the meeting, over 500 conference papers were presented, with the topic covering over 20 subjects including the definition of natural medicine and its current development, the Chinese folk natural therapies, abdominal acupuncture and apitherapy. 


    Natural Medicine Works Well for Sub-Health

    Natural Medicine has been acknowledged and received in American and European countries. “In Germany, 40% the people will choose natural medicine when they fall sick. Relevant statistics has shown that around 20%-65% patients have received natural medicine,” said the President of a German hospital. 

    Along with the economical development, environmental pollution and rising social competition, the incidence rate of sub-health has been increasing. It is believed among the specialists that natural medicine could work well for sub-health when a comprehensive treatment plan involving various natural therapies including diet therapy, herbal cuisine, acupuncture, clinical TCM massage, natural materials, exercise, meditation, traveling, reading and music therapy is carried out. 

    Qiu Xiaodan, a researcher from the Hong Health Economics Association and the Institute for Public Policy Research of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has her own comments on natural medicine: “Natural medicine works very efficiently for some acute symptoms such as exogenous fever, sunstroke, toothache, headache, acute sprain, abdominal pain, vomiting, etc. Scrapping, food and hand acupoint stimulation could relieve some symptoms more efficiently than modern medicine. For chronic and difficult diseases, natural medicine also has its unique effects.”

    Ma Yonghua, a professor from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, also has commented on natural medicine: “In the modern society, human health is unprecedentedly challenged by different diseases. When modern medicine often finds it hard to have a way out for hypertension, diabetes, cardiocerebral vascular Diseases, cancer, natural medicine has demonstrated some unique effects that modern medicine lacks.” 


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