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    Medical Qigong in Cancer Treatment
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    As an alternative therapy using natural healing methods, Qigong (also generally known as “chi kung” in USA) is safe, effective and easy to learn. Qigong achieves its natural healing effects by regulating the human body’s physical and mental activities, as well as improving the breathing functions. Qigong can boost the human body’s Jing Qi (vital energy), invigorate yuan qi (body energy) and smooth qi ji (respiratory circulation), so as to eliminate the blockages of the meridian (pathways of a body’s vital energy flow), adjust qi and blood, and balance “yin and yang (opposites such as alkaline and acid). Qigong can significantly improve cancer patients’ immune functions, blood oxygen, and the hypoxic environment of the cancer cells. This in turn can enhance the human body’s cancer-cell-suppressing and cancer-cell-killing abilities.

    Qigong can be applied to cancer patients who have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which can achieve synergistic effects. Qigong also works well for advanced cancer patients.

    Qigong can strengthen cancer patients’ vital energy, improve their mental well-being, sleep, diet, and relieve their cancer-related pain. By enhancing conventional cancer treatments’ therapeutic effects, Qigong facilitates cancer patients’ recovery, extends their survival and improves their quality of life. Over all, Qigong plays an important role in integrative oncology.


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